CO2 laser machine

CO2 laser machines

With high precision laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of materials.

Fiber laser laser engraving of metal stainless steel silver

Fiber laser machines

Fast laser engraving and marking of metals. Barcodes, type numbers, logos.

Portal laser machine

Special laser machines

Laser machines for special applications and customization.


Make what you want
with the latest laser machines from MetaQuip

We provide smart solutions that make it quick, safe and simple to get started. We supply machines with which you can engrave, mark and cut. We adapt them, extend them and make them safe to work with. We offer you personal advice and practical training. We provide maintenance and support so that you can always rely on your laser machine.


Your laser machine, our added value: maximum return

MetaQuip laser machine service


MetaQuip has its own service team for maintenance and to solve problems quickly and adequately. On the MetaQuip support site you can find the latest software, manuals and frequently asked questions. We have most parts in stock, so that your machine never stops.

Safe laser machine


We are keen on safety. We ensure that our machines are safe at all times on all fronts: electrical, the moving parts, the processing of gases and vapors that are released and especially the laser safety. With this you can be sure that you really work safely.

Laser machine advice and support

Advice and support

Together with you we look for the laser machine that best suits your needs and application. In addition, we install and train according to your needs. We have a curriculum for schools so that you can quickly fit the machines into your education.


Choose your material and view all applications

Laser cutting plastic


Laser engraving metal


Laser cutting wood


Laser cutting cardboard


Lasern times leather


Laser engraving glass


Our most sold machines

CO2 laser machine laser cutter

CO2 Laser - Lite 2

from € 2999, -

Laser - CO2 40W or 60W
Work area - 400 x 400 mm
Application - Engraving and cutting
Focus setting - Motorized
Safety - Class 1, CE


CO2 Laser - Desktop

from € 4399, -

Laser - CO2 40/60 / 80W, 30W Metal
Work area - 500 x 300 mm
Application - Engraving and cutting
Focus setting - Automated
Safety - Class 1, CE


CO2 Laser - Production

from € 5199, -

Laser - CO2 from 60 to 150W, 100W metal
Work area - 400 x 600 to 150 x 90 mm
Application - Engraving and cutting
Focus setting - Automated
Safety - Class 1, CE

We are keen on what you want to make

Industrial users our laser machines are increasingly turning to fast, smart solutions tagging and tracibility. It is therefore a clean and flexible process, without residue and with lasting results. All logos, barcodes and other data are engraved on your components and products.

Also for the manufacturing industry, schools and fablabs we offer the perfect solution for specific questions and technical needs. With a good laser machine you can shape ideas and bring them to life immediately. So you soon have a tight and unique product in your hands. See what you can do with our laser machines.

One laser machine is not the other and as real experts we know which solution best suits your needs.

We are happy to help you personally.

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MetaQuip laser engraving of plastics and PCB material
MetaQuip stands for laser safety

We are keen on your safety

We sell you a good machine at a competitive price with which you can work optimally and safely. We specialize in customizing machines and we ensure that they comply with all European safety standards.
Read more about laser safety

Furthermore, you can always count on practical basic training. For schools, we have even created a curriculum that allows students to step-by-step to achieve a truly-unique result.

We also offer service, support and maintenance. This way you can work long and safely with your laser machine.

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We are keen on your experience

What makes us unique is our focus on the user. We want you to always be confident that you have the perfect 'for the job' solution.

We want your experience with our organization and our solutions to be superb. We are therefore critical of the machines, advise you honestly and always ensure true quality and trusted safety.

We supply manufacturing companies, schools, creative industries, fablabs, hospitals and private individuals. MetaQuip stands for long-term, honest relationships through which our customers keep coming back. View some of our customers ..

We are happy to tell you more about the experience of our customers, but you can also ask them yourself.

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MetaQuip applications
MetaQuip Expert in laser machines. Co2 laser machines Fiber lasers

Are you curious about the possibilities
or do you want advice?

Make an appointment without obligation for a demonstration or to see how we can come up with the best solution.

If you bring your materials, objects or digital designs to be processed, we can quickly determine the correct laser settings for the best cutting, engraving or marking results. In this way you will get the most complete picture of the possibilities of laser processing.

Of course you can also send it to us (in advance) and we will see for free what the maximum results are.

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