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3D laser engraving with industrial robot

IRS Robotics & MetaQuip Lasers

IRS Robotics and MetaQuip laser machines provide affordable solutions for 3D laser engraving with industrial robot technology. IRS is a specialist in the field of refurbished industrial robots from major brands such as ABB, KUKA or Fanuc. IRS refurbished the industrial robots so that they can last for years without any problems for a fraction of the new price. This makes industrial robots accessible to a much wider audience and SMEs.

Industrial robots from IRS robotics
IRS Robotics refurbished industrial robots

Industrial robot solutions for laser engraving, laser cutting and laser welding

If we combine the IRS industrial robots with the expertise of MetaQuip in the field of laser machines and laser technology, interesting new possibilities arise. Fast laser engraving, laser cutting or laser welding of complex 3D shapes and contours. It is also possible to do edits in hard to reach places, as shown in this video.

New possibilities!

Contact MetaQuip to inquire whether the combination of laser technology and industrial robots could also provide a useful solution for your application. We are happy to help you.

IRS Robotics