Accessories for laser machines

We supply the most accessories for CO2 laser machines and fiber lasers so you can replace them yourself. If you can not come out and need extra support, our technicians can probably help you further. Here you will find our range of laser tubes, rotation modules (for processing round objects), water cooling, air filters, laser safety glasses, software, honeycomb beds, mirrors, lenses and cleaning sets.

CO2 Laser Machine Accessories


Additional software to make working with your laser machine easier. This makes PhotoGrav the perfect complement if you engrave a lot. Photos are easily made suitable for laser engraving optimized for a large number of materials.

Honeycomb beds, industrial coolers, laser tubes or rotary modules

Right away honeycomb bed you will prevent small cut shapes from falling into the laser and it is possible to lay flat materials on flexible materials such as fabrics. Industrial water coolers and laser tubes if your current cooler or laser tube is broken. The laser tubes that we supply are exclusively A-brands of major players. Right away rotation module you can easily laser engrave round objects such as tubes and glasses. We do not supply laser safety glasses for our CO2 laser machines because these are class 1 devices where no additional protection measures are required, class 1 laser machines are always safe.

Maintenance & Cleaning

In order to keep your machine in top condition, it is important to regularly keep different parts clean and greased. In the extensive training video about the maintenance of a CO2 laser machine is explained step by step how to keep your laser machine in top condition. How to clean the laser head, how to clean lens and mirrors, and then test whether the optical path is still properly aligned.

Mirrors & Lenses

If your current mirrors and lenses are damaged or broken, they must be replaced.

Fiber Laser Machine Accessories

Rotation module

For laser engraving of round objects such as rings and cylinders.
More information about applications of rotation modules for fiber lasers and sample videos ...

Wide-angle lens

For laser engraving of larger surfaces. The light intensity per unit area is therefore reduced, but for a number of applications that is not a problem.

Extra laser safety glasses

These laser safety glasses are only needed with our open fiber lasers. The closed fiber laser machines are laser safety class 1 and do not require extra protection.

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