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Applications laser tube cutting machine

Laser tube cutting machine applications – Discover the versatility and precision

MetaQuip is a supplier of leading laser tube cutting solutions. With over 10 years of industry experience and a dedicated team of experts, we offer high quality laser tube cutting machines for various applications. Our advanced laser tube cutting machines are designed to cut accurately and efficiently in a wide variety of tubular materials and profiles, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Discover how a laser tube cutting machine can optimize your production process and expand your possibilities.

Unprecedented versatility for various industries

Our laser tube cutting machines offer unprecedented versatility and can be used in various industries. Whether you are active in the industrial sector, furniture industry, automotive and aerospace, architecture and construction, or other sectors, our machines can meet your specific needs.


  • Cut to size
  • Applying complex hole patterns (also at an angle with 3D head)
  • Installing lock holes
  • Laser cutting of complex profiles
applications of a laser tube cutting machine

Industrial Sector – Precision and repeatability for complex parts

In the industrial sector, laser tube cutting machines are widely used for cutting tubes and pipelines. Our machines offer a high degree of precision and repeatability, which is essential when manufacturing complex parts. Whether making custom fittings or cutting pipe for assembly, our machines deliver consistent and reliable results.

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Furniture industry – Unique design possibilities with laser tube cutting

The furniture industry also benefits from the possibilities of laser tube cutting. A laser tube cutting machine allows designers to cut and engrave tubes to create unique, custom furniture pieces with intricate patterns and joints. Whether creating sophisticated table legs or adding decorative elements to chairs, our machines enable you to create stunning designs that turn heads.

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Automotive and Aerospace – The ideal solution for complex shapes and angles

In the automotive and aerospace industries, precision is critical. Laser tube cutting offers the perfect solution for cutting complex shapes and angles in materials such as stainless steel for exhaust systems, roll cages and hydraulic lines. Our machines can handle the most demanding specifications, enabling you to meet the stringent requirements of these industries.

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Architecture and Construction – Customization for unique designs

In architecture and construction, laser tube cutting machines are used to cut tubes for stairs, railings, handrails and other structural elements. Our advanced software allows you to make precise cuts to bring your design vision to life. Whether you need curved shapes, holes or other complex details, our machines offer the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Custom solutions for your specific applications for laser tube cutting machines

At MetaQuip we understand that every project is unique and entails specific requirements. That is why we strive to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly match your needs. Our experienced technicians and operators work closely with you to make your project a success. Whether you have rapid prototyping, mass production or other specific requirements, we deliver high-quality results.

Example of a MetaQuip laser tube cutting machine fully integrated in the production

Profiles suitable for tube laser processing

Profiles suitable for fiber tube laser processing include:

  • round
  • square
  • rectangular
  • oval
  • OWL(equilateral) profile
Metal tube laser cutter
Metal tube laser cutter

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