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Cloud connected laser machines – Collaboration ToolSquare & MetaQuip

Cloud connected laser machines
Cloud connected laser machines

Cloud connected laser machines for schools and in fablabs

MetaQuip laser machines are frequently used in schools and fablabs. Here, the laser machines are often placed in public areas where there is not always full supervision. MetaQuip has entered into a partnership with ToolSquare Smart Lab Assistant. The ToolSquare solution creates smart cloud-connected laser machines.

Incomplete supervision leads to dangerous situations and laser machine downtime

If there is not permanent supervision, people without proper training or experience can use the laser machines. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations or laser machines to be damaged by incorrect use. In addition, any problems or malfunctions are often not reported, so the next user finds the machine dirty or damaged and in need of maintenance.

Improve safety! Authorize users by laser machine

Precisely for this reason, MetaQuip has entered into a partnership with ToolSquare. Every laser machine (or another machine such as lathe, 3D printer, etc.) is equipped with the ToolSquare Smart Lab Assistant. The laser machine can only be used if the user has permission to do so. Access per user per machine can be centrally controlled.

Laser machine accessible with RFID tag
Laser machine accessible with RFID tag
Remote laser machine diagnostics
Remote laser machine diagnostics

Full remote diagnostics. Pay per use, / preventive maintenance

With the Smart Lab Assistant, you can keep track of every machine's exact usage, condition and much more extensive diagnostics. This opens up new possibilities such as pay per use or preventive maintenance after so many hours or if certain machine parameters start to change. This way you are ahead of major problems and your laser machines have maximum uptime.

Remote overview via the Cloud

Information from each machine is forwarded via the Smart Lab Assistant to the central Cloud platform. This means that all essential information per machine is available remotely at any time. Via a web interface you can control access per user and per machine. You can see how much the machine is used, whether maintenance is required and whether there are possible malfunctions. Also, a remote user can see if a particular machine is free to use. The possibilities are endless.


With the Smart Lab Assistant you gain better insight into the use and maintenance of your machinery, you save costs and improve safety.

Knowing more?

If you want to know more about the possibilities of the ToolSquare Smart Lab Assistant or want to see how this works in practice, please contact MetaQuip. We are happy to show you the possibilities.

Laser machine Cloud and app
Cloud connected laser machine