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Laser cutting and leather laser engraving of leather

Learn laser cutting and learn laser engraving with a CO2 laser machine

Leather is an organic material that is extremely suitable for processing with laser technology. Leather laser cutting and leather laser engraving of leather is fast, flexible and complex patterns can also be quickly engraved or laser cut.

Learn to edit with a CO2 laser machine

Both genuine leather and artificial leather can be perfectly laser cut or laser engraved with a CO2 laser machine. Since laser treatment is a burning process, the processed piece will roughen slightly and become darker in color. With laser cutting, the cutting edge can be cleaned again by simple cleaning. When processing leather, there are essentially two types of processing: laser cutting of leather and laser engraving of leather.

Learn laser cutting

Leather is very easy to cut with a CO2 laser machine. You can load your digital design in vector format (for example in Adobe Illustrator ai format or dxf format) directly into the laser machine. Then it is a matter of placing the material and starting the laser process. Converting is a matter of loading a new digital design, so hardly any changeover times. The edges will turn black but this is easy to remove by cleaning. MetaQuip has solutions for cutting out small objects, but also for editing and cutting out large designs.

Learn laser engraving

With leather laser engraving, depending on the set laser power, the top layer of the material is burned / evaporated locally and very precisely. This produces a dark (brown) effect and the material roughens slightly. Especially with dyed leather, beautiful effects can be created with high contrast. MetaQuip has CO2 laser engraving solutions for single pieces or high volume production. The advantages of laser engraving leather are also: beautiful, natural engraving, speed, flexibility and high precision.

Leather suitable for laser cutting / laser engraving

natural leather

Synthetic leather / Artificial leather / Rexine

PU leather

suede leather

roughened leather


Laser cutting and laser engraving of leather
Laser cutting and laser engraving of leather
Learn laser cutting
Motif cut out with CO2 laser machine

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your leather application or application. Bring your digital design or material to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot. You can of course send it to us.

Applications for leather laser cutting or leather laser engraving

Laser technology allows you to laser cut, mark, engrave and perforate leather in a very fast and reproducible way, saving time and costs. Laser technology allows you to combine high productivity with flexibility.









car interiors

Examples of leather laser engraving and leather laser cutting

Laser engraving of leather with CO2 laser
Laser engraving leather bag
Learn laser engraving
Wallet laser engraving
Learn laser engraving
Leather bracelet laser engraving and laser cutting

Types of processing in leather with CO2 laser machines

Laser cutting of leather

With laser technology you can cut leather perfectly geometries and shapes. Clean edges.

Laser engraving of leather

With CO2 laser machines you can quickly make high-quality engravings and markings in leather.

Laser perforating leather

With CO2 laser technology you can make perfect micro-holes in leather.

Which designs can be made in leather?

Both laser engraving and laser cutting of leather are done with very high precision. That is why almost all designs can be realized with the laser. Laser cutting is a burning process, so with extremely thin figures it is first necessary to check what the result looks like. The more detail and the larger the surface to be laser engraved, in particular, the longer the laser process will take.

What are the advantages compared to conventional cutting processes?

Laser cutting of leather is a contactless and toolless process. There is no contact during the laser cutting process. This also prevents warping. The laser beam melts the material, after which clean and smooth cuts are the result. The cut edges and the engraving surface will generally be darker in color. The advantage is that there are no blades that can become blunt.

  • Laser machining is non-contact and delivers consistent, wear-free results without material deformation.
  • The laser beam melts the material and produces perfectly clean and sealed edges on the surface of the leather.
  • Laser cut edges are always accurate and no additional finishing is required.
  • For complex geometries, laser cutting is faster and more accurate than cutting with a knife.
  • Laser-engraved markings on leather are permanent, sharp and highly accurate. In addition, they are immune to wear, scratches or fading from sunlight.

Processing leather with CO2 laser machines

For cutting wood, leather, and a large number of plastics, you have one CO2 laser machine required. Important things to keep in mind are: what is the maximum size of the object that I want to cut out, that determines the size of your worktop and what is the maximum thickness that has to be cut that determines the laser power you need.

CO2 laser machine production
CO2 production laser machine

Large patches and rolls of (artificial) leather laser cutting

MetaQuip has the so-called portal laser machines for laser cutting (and sometimes also laser engraving) of large pieces of leather. These are often used for larger pieces of leather and are available in different sizes.

Portal CO2 laser machine

Laser engraving production leather

It is possible to laser engrave larger series of leather with a CO2 LITE or production machine, but the laser head scans the entire object completely. This takes time. For serial placement of logos and smaller images, a CO2 galvo machine is usually used. It has no moving parts and uses a metal tube which guarantees a longer uptime. The biggest advantage is the extremely high engraving speed.

Leather belt laser engraving with CO2 galvo laser

An example of production laser engraving: laser engraving leather belts with a CO2 galvo laser machine. Think of your own logo, personalizing belts, applying an image or pattern over the entire belt. The limitation is purely your own creativity.

Learn laser engraving
Leather belt laser engraving with CO2 galvo laser