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Laser engraving textiles, denim & jeans

Fast and efficient personalization of fashion

Textile, denim / jeans laser engraving and laser cutting

MetaQuip has developed an extensive portfolio of laser machines for processing and finishing textiles, which guarantees maximum productivity and quality. These laser machines are suitable for laser engraving textiles, denim/jeans and also for laser cutting these materials. It is a winning alternative to the traditional methods of discoloring, sanding, decorating, marking, engraving and cutting jeans, fabric garments and fabrics in rolls.

From digital design to realization

The laser software can handle a wide range of file formats, so you can design with the software you're used to. We often see that Adobe Illustrator is used for this. This allows you to create cutting patterns or engraving texts, logos or other marking and engravings. You can realize your digital design in a short time, without changeover times, washing steps and so on. Fast and flexible.

Textile and denim / jeans laser engraving and laser cutting
Laser engraving and marking of denim and textiles

New possibilities for textile laser processing

Interior decoration with laser technology

In interior decoration, the laser can be used for laser marking beautiful patterns in various textiles. This allows unique fabrics to be made for furniture upholstery or curtain making. But also for wall coverings, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Of course it is also possible to combine laser marking with laser cutting, so that the textile is immediately ready for further processing.

Fashion with laser technology

In fashion applications, the laser is used for cutting and processing fabrics to make clothing, such as a perforation pattern in sportswear. But more and more jeans are also provided with a stonewash effect by means of laserwash or lightwash, whereby the degree of discolouration, aging and the size and position of holes can be perfectly determined. And also very environmentally friendly, because millions of m3 of water and chemical additives can be saved when using laser!

Cutting or marking other fabrics

But also other fabrics such as fleece, cotton, felt, silk, linen, lace, polyester, softshell, Alcantara, neoprene and many other modern fabrics can be perfectly cut or marked with laser machines.

MetaQuip laser machines are also extremely suitable for laser cutting textiles for advertising and signage purposes, such as for making flags, beach flags, sportswear, etc.

Textile laser cutting
Laser cutting of textiles