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Laser engraving signs, nameplates and labels

With MetaQuip engraving lasers you can easily laser engrave signs, nameplates and labels. This is possible on a wide range of materials such as anodized aluminum, laminates, paper, plastics, wood and many other materials. This includes signage, laser engraving of door signs, plates and name plates or photo engravings on signs. For organic materials and a number of plastics, CO2 laser machines are mainly used, for the laser engraving of metals in general fiber laser engraving machines and for a number of plastics, results with a UV laser are better.

Laser engraving signs, nameplates and labels
Laser engraving signs, nameplates and labels

Flexible and fast laser engraving of signs, nameplates and labels

MetaQuip laser engraving machines are used for laser engraving of door signs, name plates or plates. Signmakers can produce individual articles or small series, but also produce large series efficiently and economically. Practically any desired design can be laser engraved.

Curious whether laser technology is suitable for your application? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your signs, nameplates and labels laser engraving cutting or engraving application or application. Bring your digital design or material with you to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot. You can of course also send it to us.

Easy to use laser engraving machine

MetaQuip laser systems are as easy to use as a printer. Work in your usual graphic or Windows programs and easily convert it to a format that the laser can handle.

Example engraving on wood

Here is an example of an engraving on wood. The engravings below are approximately 40 x 30 cm and have been processed so that a beautiful relief can be seen in the wood (white plywood).

nameplate-and-signs-laser engraving
laser engraving-engraving-on-wood

Suitable laser machines for signs, nameplates and labels laser engraving

CO2 laser machines

You need a CO2 laser machine for laser engraving of wood, leather and a large number of plastics. Important things to take into account are: what is the maximum size of the object that I want to cut out, that determines the size of your worktop and what is the maximum thickness that must be cut, that determines the laser power you need. MetaQuip also has CO2 laser machines especially for high-speed laser engraving: the galvo lasers.

Fiber laser engrave and mark lasers

Fiber laser engraving and marking lasers are generally used for metal engraving. These machines are available in different versions. And place engravings permanently in the metal within a few seconds.

UV lasers

For a large number of plastics, the results with UV lasers are better than with a CO2 laser. Make the best choice for your application based on your material.