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CO2 laser cutting with vision system

CO2 laser cutting with a vision system opens up a number of interesting new possibilities. A vision system can automatically recognize printed images on fabrics, for example, and cut them perfectly. Another possibility is to perform a laser operation at a certain location from the stripes or pattern in the textile. Laser cutting with vision system is widely used in the garment industry with stripe pattern, rugs, printed sportswear, banners, flags, and large format printed carpet.


  • High scanning speed, large scanning area.
  • Automatically recognize graphic outlines, no original drawing required.
  • Available for cutting large format and extra long images
Laser cutting sportswear with vision system
Laser cutting sportswear with vision system

Applications laser cutting with vision system

Graphic industry

Printed clothing, banners, flags, toys, carpets. and so forth.

Clothing industry

High-quality clothing, shirts, suits, skirts with stripes, plaids or repeated patterns.

Shoe industry

Weaving sports shoes, knitting vamp

Furniture industry

Sofa, pillowcase, tablecloth with aligned stripes and throws

High-quality bags and cases

Bags, suitcases, wallets with aligned stripes and throws

Examples of laser cutting with vision system

Laser cutting of textiles for sportswear

Fast large format image recognition
Recognize an entire large-format work area in just 5 seconds. As the conveyor feeds the fabric, the real-time camera helps you recognize printed images quickly and send the results to the laser cutting machine.

Good at cutting complex images
The vision system recognizes the image and can then perform the carving based on the position of marking points to an accuracy of +/- 1mm. Ideal for cutting notches, fine and detailed prints.

Good at cutting stretch fabric
The cutting edge is clean, soft and smooth with high precision.

Production volume
The daily output of one machine is 500~800 sets of clothes.

Laser cutting of patterned stretch fabric

contour cutting
Advantage: software can directly scan and cut out graphic outlines, no original drawing needed.
Suitable for cutting printed images with smooth contours.

Marker Positioning and Cutting
Benefit: No limitation on graphics, Suitable for cutting graphics, Higher precision, Automatically corrects for graphic distortion in the print, stretch of the fabric and creases

How does laser cutting with vision system work in practice?

Importing textiles into laser machine
Step 1: loading printed textiles
Scanning object
Step 2: Automatic camera recognition
Automatic pattern recognition and cropping
Step 3: Start the laser job. Cutting is fully automatic
Laser cutting with vision - result
Step 4: Unloading Cut Garments

Vision system on CO2 production machines

The standard CO2 production machines can also be optionally equipped with a vision system. In the video we explain in outline the possibilities of a vision system.