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light burn camera

Lightburn camera for your CO2 laser machine

You can use Lightburn camera for your CO2 laser machine in combination with the Lightburn laser software. Connect the Lightburn camera to the computer running the Lightburn software.

Lightburn camera in action
Lightburn Camera
Lightburn Camera

Options Lightburn camera

Exact position determination

You can use LightBurn to see the exact position of your laser job on the material before starting the laser job. This allows you to determine exactly where on the workpiece the engraving or cutting will take place.

Tracing Simple Images

You can use the camera as a scanner of simple illustrations. Place your sketch under the camera, make a copy and then this sketch will be displayed on the material.

Tracking the laser process on your computer

With Lightburn software it is also possible to follow the laser assignment on your computer. This can be useful in some cases.

Lightburn camera laser software
Lightburn USB camera

Interested in adding a Lightburn camera to your laser?

MetaQuip supplies the complete Lightburn camera and can also build it in if desired. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.