CO2 laser cutter for schools

Quality machines

MetaQuip has been supplying high-quality laser machines to schools and education for years. CO2 laser cutters for schools and CO2 laser engraving machines for education. The CO2 lasers in particular are very popular in schools. Products from the desktop or production series. We supply machines at a competitive price, but at least as important we offer good service, training and maintenance. These last points are essential for keeping a laser machine in operation.

Sharply on safety

Our machines fully comply with CE machine guidelines. A lot is claimed by others in this area, but a large number of parties will not be able to hand over their Technical Construction Dossier if requested. Often the machines do not comply with the machine guidelines, which can result in dangerous situations where people can get trapped by the moving parts of the machine.
In addition, laser safety is an important issue. To comply with the laser safety guidelines, it is necessary to work with certified interlock switches. If this is not the case, it is fairly easy to get the laser when the laser valve is open, after which the dangerous radiation can create skin and eye damage. A simple switch does not meet and can lead to dangerous situations. More about safety ..

Gases and vapors

Safe disposal of gases and vapors is necessary so that you or the users can never be exposed to the harmful vapors. MetaQuip supplies industrial air extractors and filter installations for this. We are happy to advise you. More about air filters ..


We believe in competitive prices, but we also believe in providing good service, advice and support. This is sometimes forgotten, after which decisions are taken purely on price. This often turns out to be a cost buy afterwards.

Service, advice and support

In addition to the quality, safety and price of the machine, it is essential to also take the service and support with you once you have the laser machine in your possession. This requires a professional service organization that can respond quickly and adequately if there are problems. The MetaQuip team helps quickly when necessary.

Delivery and installation

MetaQuip delivers at your location. Normally this is on the ground floor. But at additional costs this can also be done on one floor. Usually this happens in collaboration with a specialized company. After the machine has arrived in the right room, MetaQuip installs your laser machine.

CO2 laser cutter schools - delivery



In addition to basic training, MetaQuip also offers extensive training opportunities. Training for laser engraving, laser cutting but also for maintenance, and use of different software packages. We train you and your people in no time so that you can complete the most difficult tasks completely independently.

Teaching package

MetaQuip has developed a curriculum especially for schools. In this curriculum, students and students learn how to use the laser machine step by step. This teaching package is made in cooperation with a VMBO school for the technical education and slowly builds up in complexity. It shows the possibilities of digital design, for which a laser machine is very suitable because results are consistent and quickly available.



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