The initiators behind Metaquip have been friends for a long time. Barry is our operational manager. He ensures that we have the right people and the best agreements with suppliers, so that we always offer the perfect laser machines and service.

Raimond is a real techie and knows everything about lasers and what you can do with them. Coen is traditionally the marketing man and focuses entirely on the customer side, on what really plays with users.


How we make a difference

Together we saw the opportunities that laser machines offer at an early stage. We also believed that it could be better, more professional, user-friendly and safer. And we still believe that. In fact, we do this every day, thanks to our technical team ...

Robert ensures that your machine is prepared and adapted to your wishes and to the strict safety standards. Remco and Jeroen take care of all renditions, support and training.

As experts, we make the difference by giving honest advice and personal training and by customizing and securing machines.

Together as a team we stand for:

  • A personal and involved approach.
  • Qualitatively the best technical solutions within the segment.
  • Competitive prices for machines of this quality.
  • Delivery of machines that are complete (safe).
  • Clear and honest advice during and after the purchase.
  • Permanently reliable partner through excellent service and support.
  • Innovation and development and improvement of laser machines.

Team MetaQuip

Meet the Team MetaQuip ...

MetaQuip Kartteam
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