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About MetaQuip lasers

About MetaQuip

The three founders of MetaQuip have known each other for years and are good friends. All three have a technical background and years of experience in developing new products, new business and building companies. 

Together we saw the opportunities that laser machines offer early on. We also believed that things could be done better, more professionally, more user-friendly and safer. And we still believe that. In fact, we make this happen every day, together with the MetaQuip team.

As experts, we make the difference through honest advice, high-quality machines at competitive prices and training and support so that our customers get the most out of their machine.

About MetaQuip

Team MetaQuip

The MetaQuip team is ready every day to ensure that you can use your laser machine every day without problems.

MetaQuip stands for

  • A personal and involved approach.
  • Qualitatively the best technical solutions within the segment.
  • Competitive prices for machines of this quality.
  • Delivery of machines that are complete (safe).
  • Clear and honest advice during and after the purchase.
  • Permanently reliable partner through excellent service and support.
  • Innovation and development and improvement of laser machines.