Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Laser cutting of metal

MetaQuip has an extensive product portfolio of fiber laser cutting machines for laser cutting a large number of metals.
MetaQuip's fiber laser cutting machines can compete qualitatively with metal cutters from reputable suppliers, but at a significantly lower investment.
MetaQuip's engineering team ensures that these machines meet all machine guidelines meet so that in all circumstances can work safely in accordance with European standards.
MetaQuip is happy to help you choose the right machine for your application including technical service support so that any downtime is as short as possible.

Cutting metals suitable for fiber laser

• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Titanium
• Galvanized steel
• Copper
• Other alloys.

Fiber laser Cutting machine for laser cutting of metal

Product Portfolio Fiber laser Metal cutters

Basic fiber metal cutter - Gweike

Basic fiber metal cutter - M

Work surface 130 x 90 cm
Laser power: 500-1kW
Ideal for schools and companies with limited space

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Golden laser fiber laser metal cutter

Production fiber metal cutter - L

Work surface 300 x 150 cm
Laser power: 500-10kW
Ideal for professional use & production companies

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Production fiber metal cutter - XL

Working area 400 x 200 cm
Laser power: 500-10kW
Ideal for professional use & production companies

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Metal tube fiber laser cutter

Production fiber metal pipe cutter - XL

Tube length: up to 6m, diameter 2-30cm
Laser power: 500-10kW
Ideal for professional use & production companies

Metal laser cutting without post-processing

Fiber laser cutting machines are suitable for high precision cutting of various thicknesses of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further post-processing. View the video below.

Choose the right machine for your application

In addition to the product quality and quality and serviceability of the components used, the following factors also play a role in choosing the right fiber laser metal cutting machine for your application.

Work bed size

The advantage of a larger work surface is that you can process larger metal plates. This means you need to change materials less often and you have the option of laser cutting larger designs.
A smaller work surface has the advantage that the plate material is a lot more handy. What works for you depends on your use and application.

Laser power

With a higher laser power you can cut thicker material or cut with a higher speed essential for production. The laser power and cutting speed is also linked to the cutting quality. Depending on your application, we can provide a suitable solution for your situation.

Open or closed model

Closed is maximum laser safety, but charging and discharging takes more time. With an open system you have to take additional laser safety measures yourself, but you can easily load the machine. MetaQuip can help you with advice about laser safety.

Open model fiber laser metal cutter

Pallet changing table

For production it is essential that you can work continuously. With a pallet changing table you can prepare material and save loading time.

Pallet changing table

Technical Support

MetaQuip offers extensive technical support in making the right machine choice, selecting or optimizing settings for your specific material or application. MetaQuip offers various service options and contracts depending on your specific wishes and requirements. If specific tools are required to use these machines for batch production, MetaQuip can support you with these tools and engineering.

CE certification & laser safety

MetaQuip fiber laser cutting machines are a closed machines. Laserkasse 1 is therefore safe for the operator at all times. These machines are CE certified and comply with the applicable machine guidelines.

Air extraction and filtering

Metal vapors are harmful to health when stainless steel can release very harmful chromium gases! A good extraction and filter installation is necessary. MetaQuip can advise and provide you with a suitable solution such as BOFA AD2000 or AD4000.

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