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Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine Portfolio

Laser cutting of metal sheet material

MetaQuip has an extensive fiber laser metal laser cutter portfolio for laser cutting a large number of metals. We offer a selection of high-quality machines ranging from machines for thinner sheet metal such as the FC6060 and the FC1390, but also heavy production machines such as the FC1510, FC3015, FC4020. Each and every one of these machines that can be used without any problems in production environments.

MQ-FC6060 fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet laser cutting
FC6060 MetaQuip's smallest metal laser cutting machine

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles

MetaQuip also has tube lasers to process tubes, tubes and profiles (up to 6 m) in one go. Shorten, place holes and lock holes and cut profiles.

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MetaQuip stands for

High-quality machines

MetaQuip's fiber laser cutting machines for the laser cutting of metal can qualitatively compete with metal cutters from reputable suppliers, but at a significantly lower investment.

Comprehensive service for use in industrial applications

In addition to the quality of the machine, this is of course supported with fast and adequate service on these machines, so that downtime can be kept to a minimum.

MetaQuip is happy to help you choose the right machine for your application including technical service support so that any downtime is as short as possible.

Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Metal laser cutting machines designed according to European standards

Portfolio overview flat sheet metal laser cutters type S, M, L

MetaQuip's engineering team ensures that all our fiber laser metal laser cutter machines meet all requirements machine guidelines meet so that in all circumstances can work safely in accordance with European standards. A number of our fiber lasers are fully designed by MetaQuip so that they meet European specifications in all areas in terms of safety and ease of use. Our closed fiber laser cutting machines have been approved by independent inspection bodies such as Laprocon and Dutch Optics certified for laser safety.

Laser cutting metal yourself 

MetaQuip's fiber metal laser cutting machines are used for serial production, but also often by small and medium-sized metal processing companies. With these machines you can laser cut metal quickly and flexibly with great precision and accuracy without further post-processing. Compared to outsourcing, you save a lot of waiting time, which benefits the development speed of your projects. Schools and training institutes make these types of machines part of the training so that students immediately become familiar with the possibilities of digital design and immediate implementation.

Assess cut quality fiber laser
Metal laser cutting with fiber laser metal cutters from MetaQuip

Make an appointment now for a demonstration! 

We have the FC1390 and FC1510 at MetaQuip in Maarheeze, the larger machines such as the FC4020, FC3015 and tube cutter do not. In a number of cases we can show you these machines at our customers. You are most welcome to come and view these fiber machines and to be informed about the possibilities and quality of our machines. If you bring your own design or material, we can immediately see whether our lasers produce the desired result for you.

Metals suitable for a fiber metal laser cutter

Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Galvanized steel

Other alloys

Fiber laser metal cutting machines
FC1510 (new) Production metal cutter

Cutting quality of fiber lasers

Assessing the cut quality of a fiber laser is not difficult if you know what to look at. Below we give a number of points that you can take into account when assessing the quality.

The quality of the cutting quality mainly depends on the quality of the laser cutting machine. This makes assessing cut quality the most direct way to test the quality of laser cutting equipment.

Advantages of metal laser cutting with fiber laser cutting machines

MetaQuip supplies various machines for cutting metal. For specific applications, high-power CO2 lasers can also be used for laser cutting of thin metal. However, fiber lasers are almost always the best choice for more serious cutting.

Metal fiber laser cutting machine product portfolio

High-power fiber laser machines for laser cutting of (precious) metals

MetaQuip has a number of fiber laser metal laser cutters for laser cutting of metal in its portfolio. Qualitatively, these machines can compete with metal cutters from large German laser parties, but at a significantly lower purchase cost and during production these costs remain considerably lower due to the high reliability. From 500-6kW for cutting thick metal. The big advantage of fiber laser metal cutting is that no further processing is required.

Laser cutting machines up to 1.5kW – laser cutting of thin sheet material

Fiber laser cutter S -FC6060

MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter side view

High precision laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further finishing. Laser powers from 500 to 1000W.

Work surface: 60 x 60cm
Laser power: 500-1kW

Schools and SMEs.

Fiber laser cutter M - FC1390

MQ-FC1390 metal laser cutter

High precision laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further post-processing. Laser powers from 500 to 1500W.

Work surface 130 x 90 cm
Laser Power: 500-1.5kW

Schools and SMEs.

Laser cutting machines from 1kW – Production & laser cutting of thick sheet material

Fiber laser cutter L
FC1510 & FC2010

Fiber laser metal cutting machines

Industrial laser cutting of, among others, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass sheet and other metals, without further finishing. Laser powers from 500 to 6kW. Ergonomic design.

For prototyping and flexible production.

Work surface: 150 x 100cm or 200 x 100cm
Laser power: 1kw-6kW

Fiber laser cutter XL

Industrial laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further processing. Laser powers from 500 to 10kW.

For production purposes.

Work surface 300 x 150 cm
Laser power: 1-10kW

Fiber laser cutter XL

Industrial laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further processing. Laser powers from 500 to 10kW.

For production (also customization)

Working area 400 x 200 cm
Laser power: 1-10kW

Fiber tube laser cutter XL

Metal tube / profile laser cutter

Industrial laser cutting of tube material and profiles of, among others, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass sheet and other metals, without further finishing.

For production. Laser powers up to 10kW.

Tube length: up to 6m, diameter 2-30cm
Laser power: 1-10kW

Metal laser cutting without post-processing

Fiber laser cutting machines are suitable for high precision cutting of various thicknesses of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further post-processing. Watch the video on the right.

How does a fiber laser cutting machine work?

A fiber laser metal cutter effortlessly cuts through iron as if it were nothing. A laser works with a very high intensity, amplifies light that ends up perfectly parallel and focused on the metal. This results in an extremely high temperature causing the metal to melt.

Choose the right machine for your application

In addition to the product quality and quality and serviceability of the components used, the following factors also play a role in choosing the right fiber laser metal cutting machine for your application.

Work bed size

The advantage of a larger work surface is that you can process larger metal plates. This means you need to change materials less often and you have the option of laser cutting larger designs.
smaller work surface has the advantage that the plate material is a lot more handy. What works for you depends on your use and application.

Open or closed model

Closed is maximum laser safety, but charging and discharging takes more time. With an open system you have to take additional laser safety measures yourself, but you can easily load the machine. MetaQuip can help you with advice about laser safety.

Fiber laser metal laser cutter portfolio - laser cutting metal
Open or closed model fiber laser laser cutter
GF-1530JH Pallet loader Fiber laser metal laser cutters - laser cutting metal
Pallet loader interchangeable bed

Laser power

With a higher laser power you can cut thicker material or cut with a higher speed essential for production. The laser power and cutting speed is also linked to the cutting quality. Depending on your application, we can provide a suitable solution for your situation.

Pallet changing table

For production it is essential that you can work continuously. With a pallet changing table you can prepare material and save loading time.

Service & Support

The X and XL series often use parts from European companies. This makes it possible to deliver spare parts quickly: not only today but also in a number of years.

The X and XL series uses a German controller and software that works reliably and easily according to European standards. It also achieves the highest cutting speeds in the market. This is one of the larger players in this field and provides training in the local language throughout Europe if necessary.

MetaQuip provides comprehensive technical service and support for these types of machines. We have different forms of service contracts with different response times depending on your specific wishes and requirements.

CE certification & laser safety

MetaQuip considers safety of paramount importance. The machine is completely enclosed so that no light can go out and reduces the risk of laser radiation and offers safer protection for the operator.
The machine is equipped with interlock closures at key points, which means that the laser source cannot be physically switched on by the computer. The front doors as well as the door at the bed change cannot therefore be opened during the process without the process continuing.

MetaQuip fiber laser cutting machines are closed machines. Laserkasse 1 therefore safe for the operator at all times. These machines are CE certified and meet the applicable machine guidelines.

Air extraction and filtering

Metal fumes are harmful to the health of stainless steel can release very harmful chromium gases! A good extraction and filter installation is necessary. MetaQuip can advise and provide you with a suitable solution such as BOFA AD2000 or AD4000.

The closed cabin of the X and XL is equipped with extraction at the top and bottom. This keeps dust and smoke generated by the laser cutting of metal completely isolated in the machine. Oil vapors can be discharged directly via the top extraction, while the metal vapors from the cutting can be discharged through the bottom extraction. This reduces the concentration of dangerous fumes to a minimum during work. The operator does not have to enter the laser cutting room during the process and can take the material out after machining by changing the bed.

To collect the metal and other volatile vapors, MetaQuip uses Bofa filter systems. Bofa is a European brand that values quality. Their unique design of the coarse dust filter ensures a huge filter surface which means the filter capacity.