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Application metal laser cutting

Metal laser cutting has a large number of applications. Metal laser cutters are frequently used for educational purposes but also for various production purposes. Here you will find a number of examples of the use of laser technology. The number of applications of these machines is still growing every day. With these machines you can quickly realize prototypes, replace parts, but also realize high volume production. Please contact MetaQuip for further information.

Automotive industry

Metal laser cutting is widely used in the automotive industry. View the possibilities for metal laser cutting for the automotive industry.

laser cutting-automotive industry
Profile and tube laser cutting

Profile and tube laser cutting

For metal laser cutting of tubes, tubes and profiles, and especially of more complex shapes, a tube laser offers great advantages over conventional techniques.

Fitness equipment laser cutting

Metal laser cutting of profiles and tubes for fitness equipment has quickly become the most widely used manufacturing technique.

Fitness equipment laser cutting
Laser cutting metal furniture

Laser cutting metal furniture tube

Metal furniture can be realized with high quality and without finishing with tube lasers. These machines are optimized for metal laser cutting of tube, tube and profiles. Advantages of tube and tube metal laser cutting are short changeover times and a lot of design freedom.

Agricultural machinery and machine building laser cutting

Laser technology is extremely suitable for the realization of small and large series of agricultural machines and machine construction. Profiles, pipes and flat sheets can be cut perfectly and without burrs.

Agricultural machinery laser cutting
Making agricultural machines with laser technology
Tubes and profiles – 1.5kW fiber laser
brass -1.5kW fiber laser
brass – 1.5kW fiber laser
3mm stainless steel – 4kW fiber laser

Laser machines for metal laser cutting

Fiber lasers for metal laser cutting of flat sheet material

MetaQuip has a number of solutions for cutting flat sheet material. We offer a selection of high-quality fiber laser machines suitable for laser cutting of thinner sheet metal such as the FC6060 and the FC1390, but also heavier machines for metal laser cutting of thick and/or larger sheet material such as the FC1510FC3015FC4020.

FC1510 production laser cutter metal
Fiber laser metal cutter for flat sheet
Metal tube laser cutter
Metal tube/profile laser cutter

Laser cutting metal tubes and profiles

MetaQuip also supplies solutions for laser cutting of tubes and profiles up to standard lengths of up to 6 meters, but longer is also possible. These machines are mainly used for industrial applications.