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Tube laser cutting fitness equipment

Production of fitness equipment

Due to the increased focus on health, the fitness industry has grown rapidly in recent decades. Growth is in fitness studios, but also to a large extent in fitness equipment for home use. This provides many opportunities for manufacturers of fitness equipment.

Advantages of tube laser cutting fitness equipment

CNC laser cutting of fitness equipment is currently the most widely used manufacturing method. Advantages compared to conventional tube cutting processes are:

  • Flexibility for production
  • High quality
  • Ability to cut complex shapes too
  • High quantity due to high cutting speed

Tube and profile laser cutting, forming and punching

Metal tubes and profiles are frequently used in the production of sports and fitness equipment. Think of spinning bikes, cross trainers, but also fitness equipment for the outdoor area. Operations for the pipe sections required include cutting, forming and punching holes. Fitness equipment laser cutting is a fast, flexible way to realize your fitness equipment.

Fitness equipment laser cutting
Fitness equipment laser cutting

Laser machines suitable for tube laser cutting fitness equipment

Fiber lasers for flat sheet laser cutting

MetaQuip has a number of solutions for metal laser cutting. We offer a selection of high-quality fiber laser machines suitable for laser cutting of thinner sheet metal such as the FC6060 and the FC1390, but also heavier machines for metal laser cutting of thick and/or larger sheet material such as the FC1510FC3015FC4020.

FC1510 production laser cutter metal
Fiber laser metal cutter for flat sheet
Metal tube laser cutter
Metal tube/profile laser cutter

Metal Profile And Tube Laser Cutting Fitness Equipment

MetaQuip also supplies solutions for the metal laser cutting of tubes and profiles up to standard lengths up to 6 meters, but longer is also possible. These machines are mainly used for industrial applications.