Fiber laser engraving machine

A fiber laser engraving machine is a laser with which the light is immediately coupled into a flexible fiber. This allows the light to be easily led to the focus object with few losses.

Fiber laser engraving machine features

A feature of fiber laser engraving machines is the high optical quality of engraving result due to the minimal losses in the optical path and the absence of thermal disturbances. In addition, fiber lasers have a compact size and are extremely reliable and maintenance-free. Engraving and marking is usually very fast within a second, depending on the size of the object.

Production on a fiber laser engraving machine

With this type of lasers, large volumes (up to 100k pieces) can also be processed relatively quickly. Of course, some time and energy needs to be put in place to optimize the machine for these types of volumes by fine-tuning the process and also making the right tools and stops so that the objects to be engraved can be placed quickly and then removed again. MetaQuip has extensive experience in this field and together we can see what works best for your specific application.

We have just completed such a process for a customer, which makes it possible to quickly get 100k products through the machine. Come talk about and look at the possibilities.

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And others possibilities and expansions for fiber lasers ...

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