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Fiber laser accessories

Industrial air filters for filtering gas, vapor and dust

In addition to our laser machines, you can use a BOFA extraction system (www.bofa.co.uk) to buy. BOFA extractors are designed for applications where gases and particles are released from volatile organic compounds. These filter systems use charcoal filters to purify the air, so that your laser machine can simply run in a closed room. For safe working we almost always recommend to use an air filter. View all industrial air filters ...

CO2 and fiber Laser Accessories - BOFA extractors and filter machines

Fiber laser accessories for engraving cylindrical objects

With the fiber laser accessories such as the rotation module you can easily engrave cylindrical objects around. Think of rings, glass tubes and rods. Below you see a number of examples that can be made with a rotation module extension. A rotation module ensures that the object always remains in focus while the laser engraves the metal. If you are wondering how this could work for your application, we invite you to look further together.

laser marking-on-outside-ring
personalized silver ring
Laser engraving metal

Round engraving with a rotation module

You can laser engrave round objects with a rotary table. This is placed on the fiber laser and is also controlled by the fiber laser. This extension is ideal for laser engraving round or curved objects. Think of glasses, or metal objects. Tubes, curved surfaces or quickly mark on several sides. It works for all materials suitable for a fiber laser so metals such as stainless steel, (anodized) aluminum, copper and so on. Hereby 2 videos to get an impression how it works.

Examples of round objects

  • Glasses
  • Jewels, (wedding) rings, bracelets
  • Type numbers on metal pipes, connectors and components.
  • Markings on metal products

Engraving can be text but also serial numbers, barcode, EAN code and almost every graphic image is suitable for laser engraving because of the high resolution of the laser work. The speed in the films below is real-time, so due to the speed it is also suitable for production.

Ask about the possibilities or make an appointment for a demonstration.