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Fiber tube laser portfolio

Industrial laser cutting of metal pipes and profiles

MetaQuip offers a wide range of fiber tube laser cutting machines that excel in accurately cutting tubes and profiles. Our range includes machines of different capacities ranging from basic tube laser cutters to advanced production machines for heavy tasks. Moreover, we are able to customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our high-quality equipment allows companies to benefit from efficiency, precision and reliability in their laser processing applications.

Fiber tube laser portfolio

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Fiber tube laser machine portfolio

fiber tube laser - basic series

Basic series

The basic series tube laser is designed for an excellent price-quality ratio, so that you can easily start tube machining.

The open bed allows easy manual loading, while optical safety screens ensure absolute safety for the user. The basic cutting software can convert standard drawings directly into products.

Tube diameter round:
⌀ 10-120mm (FC-B12)
Ø10-160mm (FC-B16/FC-B16A)
Ø10-220mm (FC-B20/FCB20A/FC-B20A-3D)
Ø50-350mm (FC-B35)

Tube diameter square:
10*10-120*120mm (FC-B12)
10*10-110*110mm (FC-B16/FC-B16A)
10*10-150*150mm (FC-B20/FC-B20A/FC-B20A-3D)

Laser power: 0.5-6kW

fiber tube laser - production series

production series

The production series tube laser brings standard tube cutting production to life. This machine can be loaded manually, semi-automatically to fully automatically with a wide range of clamp designs and different output tables.
The machine can be supplied with a wide range of laser powers. The extremely strong frame design and extensive automation options of this machine are perfectly tailored for production applications.

Tube diameter round:

Tube diameter square:

Laser power: 1.5-4kW
Loading size: 800mm*800mm*6200mm

Fiber tube laser production intelli series

Production Intelli series

The production Intelli series tube laser has all the latest features to enable 3D cutting of any tube design. The fully closed frame allows manual loading. A fully automatic bundle loader ensures that production can proceed completely automatically. From the operator position, loading, process and Lantek 3D software can be monitored, while the conveyor belt ensures safe removal of the finished product.

Tube diameter round:
Ø20-250mm (FC-Pi25)
Ø50-350mm (FC-Pi35)
Ø20-250mm (FC-Pi25-3D)

Tube diameter square:
20*20-172*172mm (FC-Pi25)
50*50-240*240mm (FC-Pi35)
20*20-172*172mm (FC-Pi25-3D)

Laser power: 1.5-6kW
Loading size: 800mm*800mm*6200mm
Maximum weight single tube: 225kg (Ø200mm*8mm*6000mm) (FC-Pi25)
Bevel angle: max ±45° (3D only)

Fiber tube laser production XL

Production XL series

The production XL series tube laser is our heavyweight. Widely used in heavy industry, structural steel construction, oil pipelines, mechanical engineering machinery, steel structure, street lighting and so on. This machine is available in the standard and the 3D variant for bevelling.

Tube diameter round:
Ø50-350mm (FC-PXL3)
Ø50-450mm (FC-PXL3)
Ø50-550mm (FC-PXL3)

Tube diameter square:
50*50-240*240mm (FC-PXL3)
50*50-310*310mm (FC-PXL3)
50*50-380*380mm (FC-PXL3)

Laser power: 3-12kW
Input length: 6m, 9m, 12m
Maximum weight single tube: 1200kg (Ø350mm*10mm*12000mm)
Bevel angle: max ±45° (3D only)

Tube laser specials


Our tube laser specials are machines that are completely custom-made to be seamlessly integrated into production lines. With functions such as automatic loading of pipe bundles, fully automatic laser cutting of the pipes, robot arms for subsequent movement or to place the cut pipes in a box, it becomes possible to process parts fully automatically. Completely unmanned, with no manual intervention required. This means increased efficiency and accuracy.

Applications of tube lasers

Fiber tube laser portfolio