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Fiber tube laser – Production

fiber tube laser - production series

production series – standard production machines

The production series tube laser brings standard tube cutting production to life. This machine can be loaded manually, semi-automatically to fully automatically with a wide range of clamp designs and different output tables.
The machine can be supplied with a wide range of laser powers. The extremely strong frame design and extensive automation options of this machine are perfectly tailored for production applications.

Tube diameter round:

Also suitable for UIL (equilateral) profile!

Tube diameter square:

  • Laser power: 1.5-4kW
  • Loading size: 800mm*800mm*6200mm
  • Maximum tube length: 6300mm

Standard functionality

  • Laser source: Max photonics
  • Basic tube discharger
  • Computer with screen control
  • Laser safety: class 3R


  • Laser source: IPG
  • Automatic charger and/or unloader
  • Touch screen control
  • Air extraction system / remote controlled 
  • Laser head: 3D (5 axis) bevel head

Machine details

different tube types can be cut with the tube laser

Widely applicable

Suitable for processing a large number of tube types

small tube charger

Tube loader

Patented pipe loader especially for small pipes

conveyor belt collector

Conveyor belt collector

Center device

Tube centering system

Dynamic servo support

The dynamic servo support makes it possible to support a wide range of tube types.

Double row of clamps

Double row of clamps

Maximum guaranteed accuracy

Technical specifications

Management: touchscreen control panel and remote control
Software: Lantek Flex 3D
System: PA controller

Maximum rotation speed:150r/min
Maximum positioning speed:
X-axis: 150m/min
Y axis: 120m/min
Maximum acceleration:1.5g

Repeatability: ±0.03mm
Positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm

X axis: 7300mm
Y axis: 270mm
Z axis: 170mm

Maximum weight single tube:
85kg (Ø120mm*5mm*6000mm) or
50kg (Ø120mm*3mm*6000mm) (depending on version)
Maximum load of the feeder:
1.0t or
2.0t (depending on version)
Load size: 800mm*800mm*6200mm

Power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz

Applications of laser tube cutting machines

Our laser tube cutting machines offer unprecedented versatility and can be used in various industries. Whether you are active in the industrial sector, furniture industry, automotive and aerospace, architecture and construction, or other sectors, our machines can meet your specific needs.

Profiles suitable for fiber tube laser processing include: round, square, rectangular, oval, but also other shapes.

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