Buy fiber laser? Tips to pay attention to when purchasing.

Buy fiber laser? Tips to pay attention to

Buying a fiber laser is a big investment for most companies, which is why it's smart to orient yourself well in advance about what is offered. At first glance machines from different providers are very similar, but there are differences. At MetaQuip we believe in machines that work in practice in a practical, fast and safe way. This is also reflected in our machines. Below is a brief summary of points that we think a good fiber laser should meet.

Safety of fiber lasers

MetaQuip fiber lasers use a laser source of 1064nm. The laser light is not focused much of the entire light path from laser source to object, so it has too little power to cause damage to your body. You can even get your hand through. The laser light itself is invisible. When the laser light hits the object, it is fully focused and a very intense light spot develops very briefly. Think of a light spot as with laser welding: so do not look into it. There are a number of options to protect your eyes, the simplest is the use of laser glasses as we recommend when using an open fiber laser, a version where you always have free access to the object. We also have a closed fiber laser, an embodiment where the object is placed in a cabinet, so that it is impossible to look into the laser light. What best suits your situation depends on your wishes and requirements and who will use the device.

Practical solutions

With the open model, freedom of movement is the most flexible option. Placing larger objects is easy and especially quick because there is no closet that needs to be opened. In addition, the open model can easily be used for a (volume) series production using object placement tools. MetaQuip can help you with the realization of such placement tools. With the closed MetaQuip fiber laser we use a normal, relatively large door. This makes it easy to place objects, especially compared to solutions based on a sliding door or smaller door.


For most applications, we recommend 20W laser power. This allows you to engrave most materials. If you want to engrave deeper then you can edit the object in a number of subsequent steps, with extra depth being created with each step. We also have a 30W version, with which you mainly gain engraving speed.


We have extensively described the software supplied in our EzCAD tutorial. Importing graphic objects (image and vector), fast drawing yourself, entering text or (automatic numbering) serial numbers is quick and easy.

Process support

Buying a fiber laser is more than purchasing the machine. The machine is only part of the total solution. How to use the machine to achieve the maximum result for one or more applications usually requires a little research. Research in order to realize the maximum engraving result on a new material or other special requirements, such as accurately achieving certain depths or effects, is where MetaQuip has extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience. Together we find out what is possible and put this together into easy-to-use solutions for non-technical users.


More information

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