Fiber laser machines

Fiber lasers are used for laser engraving of metals. Think of stainless steel, aluminum, silver, platinum gold and a large number of other metals. The working area of a fiber laser is standard 10 x 10 cm or 20 x 20 cm and optionally can be increased to 30 x 30 cm. In addition to the difference in power, there are also so-called MOPA fiber lasers especially suitable for laser engraving in color.

Differences between fiber laser and CO2 laser machines

A fiber laser is a laser machine that works with a wavelength of 1064nm compared to 10.6 um of a CO2 laser. This allows a fiber laser to penetrate the surface of (precious) metals much better than a CO2 laser and engrave it with high resolution. In addition, a fiber laser works with a non-moving laser head, which is the case with a CO2 laser. The laser beam is deflected by a mirror that moves in X and Y direction and thus processes the surface. This has the great advantage that this is much faster than with a CO2 laser and is also much more accurate. The working area is smaller than with a CO2 laser machine.

Advantages of a fiber laser

  • Short engraving time. Also suitable for fast processes.
  • No post-processing required, production quality immediately
  • Works on all metals and a number of plastics.
  • The engraving is really tangible in the material.
  • The engraving is permanent, other than printing, painting or with stickers.
  • Flexible and quick to adjust or automatically numbered.
  • Clean marking without additives and contaminants (medical, food, process industry)
Closed fiber laser laser engraving machine

Materials suitable for fiber laser

Fiber machines can be used for laser engraving of metals and a number of plastics such as ABS. Think of materials such as:

  • Metals: Steel, iron, stainless steel, (anodised) aluminum, copper, bronze, gold, silver, platinum.
  • Plastic like ABS
  • Faux leather, mirrors

It is possible to cut thin silver with a fiber laser. Inquire about the possibilities. 
Full material list for fiber laser ...

Laser engraving results

Engravings roughen (metal) or discolor (abs plastic) the material. The contrast of the engraving can be optimized by the right engraving settings. If color or real blacks are required then perhaps one MOPA fiber laser the better choice.

  • Laser engraving jewels
  • QR codes laser engraving

Where are fiber lasers used

  • Industry - metal and production companies
  • Hospitals
  • Promotional gifts
  • Jewelers and artists
  • New creative applications


Manufacturing industry - metal & plastic

Fiber lasers are widely used to make engravings on metal parts. Most engravings in aluminum, stainless steel or state are placed within a few seconds.

  • Placing logos and texts.
  • Product traceability with type number, QR, DMC or barcode (also created dynamically and with automatic numbering). Can be scanned immediately with a mobile or scanner.
  • Flexible switching. Can be used directly for small but also high volume series.
  • Engrave / highlight in color without affecting the surface roughness.

Process industry

  • Traceability
  • Full automaticization (loading, unloading and machine control)

Creative sector and jewelers

Gold, silver and platinum as used for jewelery can be engraved well with a fiber laser. In addition, in some applications where thin (noble) metal is used, a fiber laser can also be used to cut in a few steps.

  • Laser engraving silver, gold & platinum.
  • Personalize rings, necklaces, jewelry.
  • New creations. Engraving in color.
  • Laser cutting of thin (noble) metal.


  • Traceability and marking of tools.

Promotional gifts

  • Engraving of metal objects, pens, USB sticks, knives etc.


Fiber laser product range

MetaQuip supplies an extensive range of fiber lasers. Below is an overview of the fiber lasers that we offer as standard. Our fiber lasers are supplied complete and can be used immediately after delivery: plug in and start engraving or marking. If you need help with how to use a fiber laser in your production process or adjustments for large series, we can also help.
This can be in the form of additional tools for quickly placing objects, for adjustments so that the machines can be placed in an automated production line and software adjustments and extensions. Finally, we can also design a tailor-made machine to your specifications, wishes and requirements.

Lite - Open

Compact - Open

Compact open fiber laser

Table - Open

Table model open fiber laser


Desktop model closed fiber laser


Cabinet model closed fiber laser
  • (Noble) metals and number of plastics
  • Laser power: 20, 30W
  • Work surface *: 100x100mm & optional lens for 70x70mm
  • Industrial air extraction
  • Maximum Z height: 700mm
  • CE certified. Laser class 4.
  • (Noble) metals and number of plastics
  • Laser power: 20, 30 or 50W
  • Work surface *: 100x100mm & extra lens for 200x200mm
  • Industrial air extraction
  • External computer with laser software
  • Maximum Z height: 800mm
  • CE certified. Laser class 4
  • Easy to move
  • (Noble) metals and number of plastics
  • Laser power: 20, 30, 50 or 100W
  • Work surface *: 100x100mm & extra lens for 200x200mm
  • Industrial air extraction
  • Integrated computer with laser software
  • Maximum Z height *: 800mm
  • CE certified. Laser class 4
  • XY table & focus laser
  • Fast placing of objects in production environments
  • Gold, silver, metal, titanium and number of plastics
  • Laser power: 20, 30 or 50W
  • Work surface: 65x65mm & extra lens for 100x100mm
  • Industrial air extraction
  • External computer with laser software
  • Maximum Z height *: 600mm
  • CE certified. Laser class 3R. Safe working without laser glasses.
  • Engraving small objects. Ideal for jewelers. Fits on every desk
  • Rotation module for small objects (rings) included
  • (Noble) metals and number of plastics
  • Laser power: 20, 30, 50 or 100W
  • Work surface *: 100x100mm & extra lens for 200x200mm
  • Industrial air extraction
  • Integrated computer with laser software
  • Maximum Z height *: 800mm
  • CE certified. Laser class 3R. Safe working without laser glasses.
  • XY table & focus laser
  • Versatile machine with extensive options
  • Revolving door (optionally available with sliding door
  • Optionally also available with motorized up / down function and digital height readout


  1. Work area - optionally also available in 65 x 65 mm or 150 x 150 mm work surface
  2. Maximum Z height - optionally available with an automated Z-axis height adjustment.

Metal laser engraving in color - MOPA marking laser

A number of MetaQuip fiber lasers can also be supplied with a MOPA source. Marking a MOPA is slightly more complex but has the following advantages:

  • Reproducible colors engrave on stainless steel including real white and black.
  • Surface is easier to clean. A MOPA mark laser does not roughen the surface like a fiber laser.
  • Mark black laser on aluminum plates.
  • Laser marking on plastics with greater contrast.

More about MOPA highlight lasers.

MOPA marking laser

Product Traceability

100% Traceability of products is growing rapidly. Today it is no longer an exception, but rather a requirement that people want to know where the materials, parts and subassemblies come from, when and by whom they were made. Producers are increasingly required to provide product information on the product or product packaging. This has already been fully implemented in the food industry, but this trend is also on the rise in the high-tech industry. Fiber lasers are ideal for engraving codes (Barcode, QR, datamatrix) date or other product identification quickly and with high accuracy, also directly in the production line.
Read more about product traceability.

Fiber laser background

To learn more about how fiber lasers work, precious metal cutting, color metal engraving, laser safety, jewelery and industry applications, visit the page (noble) metal processing with laser technology.


Reliable quality machines

Machines we ourselves are behind. Striving for the best possible quality and constant machine improvements, make that we are currently supplying machines in this class that few others can match. Machines fully comply with the CE machine directive and are completely laser safe. The certification tests were carried out by external qualified test agencies.

Good service

MetaQuip likes to work long term with its customers. In our view, this requires good and honest advice during purchasing, transparent price building and delivering good and fast service when necessary. Good service seems trivial but we regularly get disappointed buyers of machines from others in the Netherlands or directly in China. We also help you if there are problems. More about service ...

sharp prices

MetaQuip supplies all its machines complete and 100% functionally tested and controlled so that you can get started immediately. Prices include all necessary accessories, clear manuals and basic training. If you can find the machine cheaper elsewhere, we can look together where the differences come from and you can decide for yourself what you prefer.

Training included

At MetaQuip we want you to be able to use your machine. That is why we provide basic training with every machine we supply, so that you can do the process from digital design to engraving or cutting yourself, and connect your machine yourself. In addition, we offer the instructional videos to further your proficiency. If you need more training or more depth, we can take care of that. If there are any questions you can mail and we will always help you further.

Design & Quality Control

MetaQuip is continuously working on improving its machines, both technically and product design and finishing. Every machine is checked for at least 90 points before it leaves the factory in China. Improvements and innovations are directly coordinated with the design team in China. After the machines arrive in the Netherlands, they are once again fully technical and laser safety checked before they are delivered and then tested 100% functionally. Only then will an appointment be made with you for delivery.

MetaQuip only works with selected, large suppliers with whom we have built up a long-term relationship. This is crucial to perfectly coordinate design and production and to deliver the quality that we want to stand for.

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