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Fleece laser engraving

Fleece laser engraving goes well and quickly with a CO2 laser. The results are subtle, but clearly visible, making it look high-quality. Fleece is a type of textile. Fleece is also called "Polar Fleece", "Velo Wool", "Vega Wool" or "Polar Wool". However, it is a material based on 100% polyethylene terephthalate. It is synthetic material, usually polyester, which is strongly insulated by the knitting method. Fleece is popular as a material for vests and sweaters. Although they are warm to wear, they are not windproof.

How is fleece engraved with a laser machine?

Fleece laser engraving can be done with a CO2 laser machine. This can be done as well as the fleece fabric is still on roll, but also on existing clothing that should be provided with a logo or text. You design a text, logo or pattern, which is then laser-lasered directly into the fleece material. Here a very small top layer is removed from the fleece and due to the combustion the surface is slightly rougher, darker in nature giving a visible contrast.

Results of fleece laser engraving

Fleece laser engraving - results Fleece laser engraving - in more detail

Used machine

For the laser engraving of fleece not much laser power is needed. From 40W laser power is already more than sufficient. The size of the machine depends on the size of the object to be engraved. You will soon have one for a sweater MQ1060 from the production series needed, a machine with a work surface of 100 x 60 cm. For smaller objects as bags, a smaller machine like the one can also suffice MQ6040, the desktop version.