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Laser cutting machines / laser cutter for cutting almost all materials

The ultimate solution for precise and versatile cutting

Welcome to the world of the laser cutting machine, where precision, versatility and productivity come together. Whether you are a professional looking for an advanced cutting solution or a hobbyist looking to enhance your creative projects, a laser cutting machine offers the perfect solution. Here we explore the possibilities and benefits of a laser cutter and why it is the ultimate choice for precise and versatile cutting.

Types of laser cutting machines

There are different types of laser cutters, each with its own characteristics and applications. CO2 laser cutters are one of the most popular options and are mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic (plastic), textiles and leather. Fiber laser cutters on the other hand, are ideal for cutting metal materials, including steel, aluminum and copper. They offer high cutting speeds and excellent precision. Laser cutters are available from small to large format, also known as portal lasers. These machines are specially designed to be able to cut very large objects, resulting in fewer cutting losses. All laser cutters are available in different sizes and power levels depending on the user's needs. It is important to consider the intended use and the materials you want to cut when choosing the right type of laser cutter for your needs.

Wood modeling laser cutting with CO2 laser machine / laser cutters
Plywood cut with CO2 laser cutter / cutting laser


One of the main advantages of a laser cutting machine is its versatility. Whether you want to cut wood, acrylic, textile, leather, metal or even glass, a laser cutting machine can handle it all. Different power levels and settings allow you to adjust the cutting depth, speed and intensity of the laser beam to achieve the desired results. Whether cutting complex patterns or cutting out personalized shapes, a laser cutting machine offers the versatility you need.


Accuracy is essential when cutting, especially with fine details and complex designs. A laser cutting machine offers just that. Thanks to the concentrated and powerful laser beam, a laser cutting machine allows you to make extremely precise and detailed cuts, even on the smallest surfaces. With a laser cutting machine you can create clean, perfect cuts without fraying or damage, giving your projects a professional look.


Time is precious, especially in a production environment. With a laser cutting machine you can complete your cutting projects more efficiently. The automated processes and fast cutting speeds ensure higher productivity and a faster turnaround time. Moreover, the operation of a laser cutting machine is simple and intuitive, even for beginners. With a short learning curve, you can get started quickly and take your productivity to new heights.


A laser cutting machine opens the door to limitless creative possibilities. You can customize your designs and experiment with different materials and shapes. From creating personalized gifts and interior decorations to cutting complex prototypes and industrial parts, a laser cutting machine enables you to bring your creative vision to life with precise and beautiful cuts.

MetaQuip has an extensive laser cutter / laser cutting machine portfolio

MetaQuip supplies a complete laser cutter / laser cutting machine portfolio. These laser machines are suitable for the laser cutting of a large number of mainly materials. The laser cutter portfolio can be roughly divided into two categories:

Supplied complete. Immediately ready for use.

All our laser cutters are supplied complete and are immediately ready to use. MetaQuip provides basic training with its machines as standard so that you can get started with it right away. Here you will find an overview of the different solutions in the field of laser cutting machines and their application possibilities.

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutters are particularly suitable for the laser cutting of organic materials. Think of laser cutting of plastic (plexiglass), wood, leather, cardboard, textiles, textiles. CO2 laser cutting machines use a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers.

Fiber Laser Cutter

These are high-power laser cutting machines with laser powers from 500W, but usually in the kiloWatt range. These fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used for the laser cutting of metals.

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your cutting application or application. Take your digital design or material with you during a demonstration and we can view the result on our laser cutting machines on site.

Fiber laser cutters
3mm stainless steel cut with fiber laser cutter / cutting laser


acrylic cut with CO2 laser cutter
Learn laser cutting
Laser cutting felt

Materials to be processed with MetaQuip cutting machines

CO2 laser machines are suitable for cutting a large number of (especially organic) materials. Materials that can be cut well with a CO2 laser cutter are:

  • Plastic like acrylate (PMMA, Plexiglas)
  • Foils, latex
  • Wood & cork
  • Cardboard & paper
  • Most organic and synthetic textiles
  • Learn
  • Felt and foam

The complete list of materials for laser cutting can be found here….

Fiber laser machines are suitable for cutting a large number of metals and alloys. This includes:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Galvanized steel
  • Buyer
  • Aluminum
  • Other alloys

MetaQuip CO2 machine portfolio

The CO2 laser machines below are perfectly suited to laser cut a large number of materials. In most cases you can also laser engrave with a lower laser power with the same machine. Think of a large number of plastics, wood, leather, paper, cardboard and so on. All our machines, except the LITE series, are prepared for the use of a rotation module. You can always easily add these later.


LITE2plus Desktop CO2 laser machine 60 x 40cm

Entry model for engraving and light carving. Available in 40W and 60W. Now also available with a 60 x 40cm work bed!


CO2 laser machine for production

Work surface from 60 x 40 cm to 150 x 90 cm and laser powers from 60 to 150W. Adjust autofocus height (improved and renewed!). Extensive options.

In addition to standard CO2 laser cutting machines, MetaQuip also has machines for special applications: extra large, extra fast, more power. View the complete CO2 laser machine overview here.

Fiber Metal Laser Cutter Portfolio

MetaQuip has a number of fiber laser metal laser cutting machines for laser cutting metal in its portfolio. In terms of quality, these machines can compete with metal cutters from large German laser parties, but at a significantly lower purchase cost and during production these costs remain significantly lower due to the high reliability. From 500-6kW for cutting thick metal. The major advantage of fiber laser metal cutting is that no further post-processing is required.

Examples of metal cutters up to 2kW – thin sheet material

Fiber laser cutter S -FC6060

MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter metal laser cutting
MQ-FC6060 fiber laser metal cutter

High precision laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further finishing. Laser powers from 500 to 1000W.

Work surface: 60 x 60cm
Laser power: 500-1kW

Schools and SMEs.

Fiber laser cutter M - FC1390

MQ-FC1390 metal laser cutter
MQ-FC1390 fiber laser metal cutter

High precision laser cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plate and other metals, without further finishing. Laser powers from 500 to 1000W.

Work surface 130 x 90 cm
Laser power: 500-1kW

Schools and SMEs.

MetaQuip also has fiber metal cutters for larger sheet material and also for thicker material. In addition, MetaQuip supplies a number of specials and custom machines for specific applications. We develop these machines on behalf of the customer.

From digital design to realization

Create your digital design with your mechanical design package (Solidworks, Inventor, Rhino, Fusion 360 360) and export the 2D cutting lines in DFX format. Your laser machine works on the basis of such a vector format. For people with a graphic background, packages such as Adobe Illustrator also work perfectly. The AI format can in most cases also be loaded directly into the laser software. The reading in of your design is done with the included laser software (Windows only). Then select the cutting speed and laser power, place material and start the laser job. Fast and easy.

Laser machines from small to large

MetaQuip supplies a complete range of laser machines for laser cutting. The two most important parameters are laser power and the size of the worktop.

  • Laser power - in general, the thicker the material you want to cut, the more laser power you will need.
  • Work surface – the size of the work surface determines the maximum size of the object you can cut.

Custom laser machines and custom solutions

MetaQuip supplies standard laser cutting machines and also has a number of special machines for specific applications. If the type of laser machine is not listed, please contact us because MetaQuip also supplies specials for cutting textiles or other materials, for example.

In addition, we also develop customer-specific laser machines. Lasers for specific applications or, for example, with full integration into the production process.

Think of extra tools to be able to work absolutely, such as in the graphic industry, software adjustments, automation for automatic loading and unloading to completely new innovative CO2 laser cutters on customer specification. We develop practical to use, affordable solutions. Which are laser safe where possible and comply with CE machine guidelines.

MQ4040 LITE CO2 laser machine control interface

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

You are welcome to see if laser technology is a suitable solution for your cutting application or application. Take your digital design or material with you during a demonstration and we can view the result on site.

Laser cutting of thin precious metals with a fiber laser engrave machine

It is possible to cut thin silver with a fiber laser. You are bound to size that can be processed with a fiber laser to about 20 x 20cm. Here is an example of one of our customers. Inquire about the possibilities.

Go to the fiber laser machine overview page for more information about fiber lasers and the possibilities.

Laser cutting and engraving of silver

High-Power Combi CO2 Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting of thin metal, stainless steel and organic materials such as wood

MetaQuip also supplies CO2 laser machines with higher laser powers (eg 200-350W). This makes it possible to cut through thin steel (up to 1.2mm, 150W and 1.5mm, 200W) and stainless steel (up to 0.8mm, 150W and 1.0mm, 200W) for certain applications. We can also adjust the machine in such a way that also can be engraved with! Knowing more? Contact us.

Go to the CO2 steel cutter for more information and possibilities.

MQ1390C High-Power CO2 metal laser cutter - laser head close-up


High power laser machines often use invisible (concentrated) laser light. This is potentially dangerous. That is why MetaQuip does everything it can to supply laser class 1 or laser class 3R laser machines where possible. Solutions that are intrinsically safe to use without further laser safety precautions. We deliver our open machines with a declaration of incorporation. In these cases, you must provide the laser safety yourself. An inspection company such as Laprocon can advise you on what needs to be done so that these open (laser class 4) machines can also be used safely.