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Buying a laser machine: a guide to choosing the right laser machine

If you are considering buying a laser machine, it is important to make the right choice that fits your specific needs and budget. A laser machine can be a valuable asset for various applications, such as cutting, engraving, marking and more. In this guide, we explore key factors to consider when buying a laser machine so you can make an informed decision.

Buy laser machine? Step by step explanation of what to think about.
Buy laser machine for cutting or engraving

Step 1: Define your purpose and applications

Before buying a laser machine, it is essential to clearly define your purpose and intended applications. Do you want to use the machine for hobby and home applications, or do you need a professional machine for industrial operations? Decide whether you want to primarily cut, engrave, mark, or perform a combination of these operations. By determining your purpose and applications, you can search for the right laser machine.

Step 2: Consider the required specifications

Each laser machine has different specifications that affect its performance and capabilities. Here are some key specs to consider:

  1. Power level: The power level determines the cutting speed and the thickness of the materials you can process. Higher power levels are suitable for cutting thick materials, while lower power levels are better for fine engraving.
  2. Work area: The work area is the available space within which you can work. Make sure the work area is sufficient to handle your desired projects.
  3. laser type: There are different types of lasers, such as CO2 lasers, fiber lasers and diode lasers. Each type of laser has its own characteristics and applications. Choose the right type of laser that suits your needs.
  4. Cooling system: Laser machines generate heat and require an effective cooling system to prevent overheating. Check that the machine is supplied with a suitable cooling system.

Step 3: Investigate the manufacturer's reputation

When buying a laser machine it is important to research the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer. Look at the manufacturer's experience and expertise in producing laser machines. Read user reviews and ratings to understand the satisfaction of other customers. Choose a reputable manufacturer with a good reputation to ensure you receive a quality machine and reliable support.

Step 4: Budget and price comparison

Determine your budget for the purchase of a laser machine and compare prices from different suppliers. Be aware of additional costs such as shipping, installation and training. Also consider operational costs, such as power consumption and maintenance. It is important to choose a machine that fits within your budget and at the same time offers the desired functionality and performance.

Step 5: Customer Service and Support

Good customer service and technical support are essential when buying a laser machine. Verify that the manufacturer or supplier offers comprehensive support, such as installation assistance, training, warranties, and repair services. Reliable customer service ensures that you can always get help when you need it and that any problems are resolved quickly.


When buying a laser machine it is important to carefully consider your purpose, specifications, budget and the reputation of the manufacturer. By making an informed decision, you can find a laser machine that perfectly suits your needs and expectations. A laser machine can be a valuable investment that enables you to perform accurate and efficient operations for various applications.

Laser Machine Price – big differences in prices

When considering the purchase of a laser machine, price is often an important factor. It is interesting to take a closer look at the price difference between different suppliers and options. Here we look at the factors that influence the laser machine price, the advantages of A-brand, often European suppliers, considerations when choosing a Chinese laser machine, other suppliers and how we as MetaQuip fit into that picture.

Factors that affect the price of laser machines

The price of a laser machine can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Quality and performance: Laser machines from reputable suppliers, such as German manufacturers, often have a higher quality and better performance. They use high-quality components and offer advanced technologies that lead to more accurate and efficient operations.
  2. Technical specifications: Machines with higher power levels, larger working areas and advanced features usually have a higher price. These specifications affect the versatility and capabilities of the machine.
  3. Support and service: Vendors that provide comprehensive customer support and technical service may warrant higher prices. This includes installation assistance, training and warranties.
  4. Reputation of the manufacturer: Reputable manufacturers often have a better reputation and reliability, which can affect their prices.

Advantages of A-brand European suppliers – reliability & service

A-brand suppliers of laser machines are known for their high-quality products and reliability. While they generally charge higher prices, they also offer some benefits:

  1. Quality and reliability: German manufacturers have built a reputation for delivering top quality laser machines. They use high-quality materials and technologies, resulting in durable and reliable machines.
  2. Innovation and advanced features: A-brand suppliers often invest in research and development, enabling them to offer advanced features and technologies that enhance machine performance and capabilities.
  3. Excellent customer service: A-brand European suppliers are known for their excellent customer service and technical support. They often offer thorough training, quick response to questions and an extensive warranty program.

Disadvantages European laser machines – high prices

While European laser machines are generally known for their quality and reliability, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. Here are some potential drawbacks of German laser machines:

  1. Higher price: A-brand laser machines are known to have higher price tags compared to cheaper alternatives, such as Chinese laser machines. This can be a hindrance if you have a limited budget and are not willing to invest extra.
  2. Complexity and advanced features: Premium brand European laser machines can contain advanced features and technologies, which means they can be more complex to operate and maintain. This may require additional training and technical expertise, which may incur additional costs.
  3. Delivery time: Due to the popularity and demand for A-brand laser machines, delivery times can sometimes be longer. If you need a machine at short notice, this can be a challenge.
  4. Limited customization options: European laser machines are often built to specific specifications and standards, which may mean limited customization options. If you are looking for very specific or unique requirements, a German machine may not fully meet your needs.

It is important to weigh these potential drawbacks against the benefits and your specific needs when considering a premium brand European laser machine. It may be worth comparing different suppliers, reading customer reviews and consulting with experts before making a final decision.

Considerations when choosing a Chinese laser machine – low prices

Chinese laser machines have gained popularity in recent years due to their affordability. Here are some considerations when considering purchasing a Chinese laser machine:

  1. Value for money: Cheap Chinese laser machines often offer good value for money. They can meet basic cutting, engraving and marking requirements, but may not be able to provide the same performance and durability as more expensive machines.
  2. Research and comparison: When choosing a cheap Chinese laser machine it is important to do thorough research. Compare different suppliers, check reviews and ask for references to better understand the quality and reliability of the machine. At low stunt prices, cheap parts are often used, which often causes problems with the machine, and these parts are often difficult or only available for a short time.
  3. Extra costs and service: Pay attention to additional costs, such as shipping, installation, training, transport and customs clearance/customs costs and maintenance. Make sure that the supplier provides adequate support and that a warranty program is available.

Disadvantages of Chinese laser machines – quality, support and consistency

Although cheap Chinese laser machines can be attractive because of their lower price, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. It's important to understand these drawbacks before making a decision:

  1. Quality and durability: Chinese laser machines generally cannot offer the same quality and durability as more expensive machines from reputable manufacturers. This is because some Chinese manufacturers may use cheaper materials and have less strict quality control. This can result in a shorter service life and more long-term maintenance issues.
  2. Technical Support: Chinese suppliers may provide more limited technical support compared to reputable manufacturers. It can be more difficult to get help with installation, training, repairs and maintenance. This can be problematic if you're experiencing technical difficulties and need urgent help.
  3. Reliability and consistency: Chinese machines can have inconsistencies in terms of performance and cut quality. This may be due to variability in manufacturing processes and quality control. It can lead to unreliable results and production inconsistencies. Safety is often not in order and the European Machinery Directive is not complied with.
  4. Software Compatibility: Chinese laser machines can sometimes have problems with software compatibility. This can prevent them from working well with popular design and control software, which can make it difficult to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.
  5. Limited Warranty: Cheap Chinese laser machines often offer limited warranty conditions compared to reputable manufacturers. This means you may not have the same protection against breakdowns and repairs.

It is important to consider these drawbacks and do your research carefully before deciding to buy a Chinese laser machine. It can pay off to compare the price with the potential risks and drawbacks that can come with purchasing a low-cost machine.

European suppliers of Chinese machines

It is important to note that there are several parties that claim to manufacture their own machines, but in many cases this is not true. In reality, these machines are designed and produced in China. They are then offered at low prices. However, we have often seen no training or service provided after the machine has been purchased, resulting in machine downtime. So it is essential to be careful and compare machines and parts thoroughly to make sure you are dealing with an authentic machine manufacturer. That way you can avoid disappointments and problems in the future.

What does MetaQuip do differently?

Constant focus on function, technology and own design

We started supplying Chinese machines 10 years ago, but were not satisfied with the quality. We are constantly working to further improve the quality and functionality of our machines. The new machines are partly or completely designed by us, so that we can offer unique machines and functions that can compete with the A-brand machines in most cases. We do this in close cooperation with our Chinese partners.

Affordable, reliable, consistent and good solid service

What we also find important is to supply laser machines with a good price-quality ratio. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives, but all our machines comply with laser safety and machine guidelines. We use parts that are easily available in Europe, so that they can still be serviced well now but also in the coming years and we help our customers with training and if a problem arises, we are ready to help them again as soon as possible.

The best of both worlds

We see this as the best of both worlds: the speed, flexibility and affordability of production in China combined with an eye for detail, service and consistency results in unique laser machines that you can enjoy working with for years to come.

Best CO2 Laser machine price / quality ratio
CO2 Lite best laser machine price / quality ratio


When considering the purchase of a laser machine, the price difference between suppliers is an important aspect, but there is more to it! Premium brands generally offer high-quality products, reliability and excellent customer service, but at a higher price. On the other hand, Chinese laser machines can be an affordable option, but require careful research and comparison. It is essential to consider value for money, supplier reputation and associated costs when making a decision. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs, budget and the desired performance of the machine. MetaQuip tries to combine both worlds: affordable, reliable, high-quality machines with good training, service and support.

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