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laser machine software

MetaQuip supplies laser machine software for the different types of laser machines. Below is a brief overview of the different solutions we provide and have provided in the past.

Laser machine software for CO2 laser machines

light burn

We currently supply both Lightburn and Laserworks laser machine software for most CO2 laser machines. Lightburn has the advantage that it is actively developing and expanding and is also available in a version that works directly on the MAC. New features appear every week.

Lightburn laser software for laser machines
light burn
laser works

laser works

Laserworks has a slightly steeper learning curve than Lightburn, but it is also easy to work with this laser machine software. Most possibilities of Lightburn can also be found in Laserworks. For large groups, Laserworks is in some cases more practical to use.

laser cut

In the past we have supplied the lasercut program in combination with our CO2 laser machines. We no longer support this at the moment and advise customers to convert their machine to a Ruida controller.

We still have a course online:

Cardboard and paper laser engraving


Until 2016, MetaQuip supplied the Newlydraw program with the LITE machines, after which we also switched to the Ruida controller for the LITE series.

We also have a course online from Newlydraw:

Lasercut software for fiber laser cutting machines

Cypcut laser software

We supply Cypcut laser software as standard with our fiber laser cutting machines. For the high-end production machines we work with the professional version of Cypcut called Hypcut. This version has some extra options that offer advantages in particular for production.

In a number of cases we also supply (optional) Beckhoff laser software.

Laser cutting metal prototyping

EzCAD software for fiber laser engraving machines

EzCad is supplied as standard with MetaQuip's fiber laser engraving machines.