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Industrial air filters for laser machines

Always ensure good air extraction or filtering with your laser machine!

Vapors, gas and dust released during laser processes are usually harmful to breathe!

If the suction of the laser machine can not be discharged outside, the use of an air filter is one must. MetaQuip only supplies high-quality air filters for laser machines from BOFA. BOFA has been an established player in this field for many years, and it considers quality to be of paramount importance. These industrial air filters remove the harmful vapours, gases and dust particles from the air so that they cannot be inhaled.

We recommend that you check the various filters in the machines regularly and change them after the prescribed time. Here you will also find replacement filters for your BOFA air filter.

AD-1000-iQ-Metaquip-v3 air filters for laser machines
BOFA air filter for laser machines

Industrial air filters for laser machines of the BOFA brand

MetaQuip mainly works with industrial air filters from BOFA. BOFA supplies the best quality air filters on the market and clean the air perfectly.

  • BOFA industrial air filters use a special (and patented) pre-filter with a very large surface, so that these filters need to be replaced much less often than with air filters from other brands.
  • BOFA air filters are slightly more expensive to purchase than other air filter units, however, the replacement filters are simpler in construction and therefore much cheaper than many other brands, which makes this solution the most cost-effective in our opinion over a longer period of time.
  • BOFA machines meet all CE electrical safety tests.
  • Carbon filters are of the highest quality, so that no carbon enters engines and electronics, which guarantees a long service life.
  • Declared extraction capacity is actually achieved (note: some air filters on the market do not achieve the specified extraction capacity, which may still expose you to laser vapors).
  • Filters and machines are designed in such a way that filters (of course depending on the intensity of use) need to be changed less often.

In addition:

  • BOFA is the largest and best quality product portfolio in this area
  • BOFA FIlters also completely remove the smell
  • Most filters made of fire-retardant and fire-resistant materials

Product selection overview

Air filters for laser machines – CO2 lasers & fiber engraving lasers

MetaQuip offers a complete product range BOFA industrial air filters for laser machines for dust, vapor and gas. These capture dust, vapor and gases released during laser cutting and engraving, filter the air and blow it back into the same room. These machines are also suitable for other applications such as soldering, welding or 3D printing. When using an industrial extractor, it is not necessary to make an air exhaust to the outside. Here is a complete overview of the different BOFA air filter machines that MetaQuip supplies. The NANO and ACCESS are mainly intended for fiber laser and light engraving work, while the ORACLE and the 500/1000/1500iQ are also suitable for heavy cutting where a lot of dust and vapor is released.




BOFA AD 500/1000/1500 IQ

Air filters for fiber laser metal cutters

MetaQuip also offers extra heavy systems for fiber laser cutting machines. These machines perfectly extract metal dust and toxic fumes. We also offer a Spark Arrestor that prevents burning particles from damaging the air filter. Depending on your application, machine size and use, we can advise you the right machine.




Replacement filters for BOFA air filters

Filters should be replaced regularly depending on the intensity of use. Here are the most common filters that MetaQuip supplies.

Passive air filter

The BOFA ILF Inline Filters are passive systems. These can be used as a pre-filter with the above filters so that the filters have to be replaced less often, or can be used in combination with an exhaust fan so that the air you extract is already purified.