Industrial air filters for laser extraction

Vapor, gas and dust that are released during laser processes are usually harmful to inhale! 
Always ensure good extraction or air filtration.

If the suction of the laser machine can not be discharged outside, the use of an air filter is one must. This removes the harmful fumes, gases and dust particles from the air so that they can not be inhaled. We recommend to regularly check and refresh the different filters in the machines after the prescribed time. 
MetaQuip carries various brands of air filters that can be used in combination with CO2 and fiber lasers: own brand and the BOFA brand. Both perfectly clean the air.

BOFA Industrial Air Filters

MetaQuip offers a complete product range of BOFA industrial air filters for dust, vapor and gas. These absorb dust, vapor and gases that are released during laser cutting and engraving, filter the air and blow it back into the same room. These machines are also suitable for other applications such as soldering, welding or 3D printing. If you use an industrial extractor, it is not necessary to make an exhaust air outlet. Here is a complete overview of the various BOFA air filter machines that MetaQuip supplies.

The NANO and ACCESS are mainly intended for fiber laser and light engraving, while the ORACLE and the 500/1000 / 1500iQ are also suitable for heavy cutting work where a lot of dust and vapor is released.

Questions or interest? Contact us for the appropriate BOFA for your application!

MetaQuip Industrial Air Filters

MetaQuip extractors come with an extraction capacity of 400 cubic meters per hour, 500 cubic meters per hour and 620 cubic meters per hour and do their work silently. We are very enthusiastic about these machines and can recommend them to anyone who can not make an extraction.

In addition to use with CO2 or fiber laser machine, these filters can also be used in other processes where particles or vapor are released, such as soldering, gluing and so on.

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