MetaQuip Projects

Innovation with laser technology

Within MetaQuip projects, MetaQuip creates tailor-made machines. This can consist of making adjustments to existing machines or realizing a completely new machine.

Flexibility is key within MetaQuip projects. We adapt to the wishes and requirements of the client. MetaQuip can take the lead in development, certification and production, but can also provide a supporting role in the field of laser technology.

MetaQuip has extensive knowledge and skills in the field of sensor technology, electronics, mechanics and software. Combine this with extensive experience in the field of project, process and product development and creates the perfect mix to bring new developments from proof to concept, prototype and product within a short time.

In addition to full machine development, MetaQuip can also support on-line automation, process innovation or machine add-ons.

Machine innovation with laser technology

Example projects

Some examples of MetaQuip projects that we have realized in recent times.


Full integration of machines in your production line.

Production QR code laser engraving

Process innovation

New applications, new materials, new processes.

Cliches laser for tampon pressure

Smart Sleeves for R2R pressure

Machine add-ons

Extensions on existing machines to work faster.

New machine design

Completely new machines, for specific applications.

Custom packaging boxes

Remove shrink film with laser

Call or email us to see together what is possible

Contact us to see if laser technology can work for your application. You are always welcome to take a look at it together.

Open for new ideas & applications

MetaQuip Project looks together with you if your application can be realized with laser technology.
Based on your question, product idea or problem, we will start working on how we can come up with the best solution as simple and practical as possible. We can, if necessary, fall back on an extensive network of partners and experts.

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