Custom packaging boxes


FitThings is the company behind the Slimbox, the perfect packaging machine, for which MetaQuip has supplied all laser technology. In the Slimbox app you can choose from a large number of standard cardboard boxes, or create a tailor-made box by entering the sizes. Then press the button and the box is cut completely automatically. The whole machine can be operated with the Slimbox app.

Slimbox packaging boxes to size

A revolution in the packaging industry

  • Make your customized and perfect cardboard boxes with Slimbox.
  • For every shape and all kinds of goods
  • Fits smaller companies and larger facilities

Good for the environment

  • 40% less CO2 emissions
  • Less waste production
  • More efficient use of materials

Easy to operate

Slimbox has an intuitive one-button operational process, fully operable with the Slimbox app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Your mobile device can be connected via USB or wirelessly, even without an available network.

What has MetaQuip done?

MetaQuip works closely with Fitthings in the development of the Slimbox in the field of laser technology.

Together with Fitthings we first performed joint tests to make the right tube choice. After that, MetaQuip, together with Fitthings, carried out the design around the laser. The choice of the placement of the tube to apply it safely and and stably within the entire machine concept. MetaQuip has advised on the laser safety of the machine and associated safety measures.

MetaQuip provides Fitthings with complete laser units in such a way that they can be installed directly. In addition, we look at sensor innovations together, which makes the machine safer and easier to use and makes maintenance of the machines in the field easier and cheaper.
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