Fully automatic production numbers laser engraving - NTZ

NTZ Filter technology

NTZ is a leading manufacturer of microfiltration systems that clean oil in transmissions and hydraulic systems in such a way that reliability, durability and performance are greatly improved at lower costs and less environmental impact. NTZ is based in Rotterdam and in Detroit.

Automotive filter technology

NTZ has two divisions, Automotive OEM and non-automotive. The automotive division is Tier 1 supplier of filters for automatic gearboxes to VW / Audi, Getrag, Magna and Ford, among others. Non-automotive focuses on the aftermarket for hydraulics, gearbox and engine oil filtration and is developing towards the producers of agro and construction machinery.

Industrial laser engraving of metal parts

Fully automatic laser engraving in the production line

MetaQuip, together with NTZ, has adjusted the fiber laser control so that these machines operate fully automatically in the production line. Products are automatically placed and removed and each product automatically receives a unique serial number, in the form of a QR code, so that it is possible to trace the batch from which the products come later. The fully automatic numbering is controlled via a central computer.

Laser engraving engines
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