Laser cutting with a fiber laser

Nalladris uses a MetaQuip fiber laser to make miniature objects for doll houses. Thin silver is cut with a fiber laser. You can of course also engrave precious metals. Fiber lasers Go to the overview of MetaQuip fiber lasers to learn more about the machines and the possibilities.

Fleece laser engraving

Fleece laser engraving is good and fast with a CO2 laser. The results are subtle, but clearly visible, which makes it look of high quality. Fleece is a type of textile. Fleece is also known as "Polar Fleece", "Velo Wool", "Vega Wool" or "Polar Wool". However, it is a material based on 100% polyethylene terephthalate. It is synthetic material, usually ...

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Laser cutting Van Hout

Laser cutting of wood is done with great accuracy with a CO2 laser cutter. For more detail, see also Laser cutter for wood. Parts in the example below can be clicked together seamlessly. Standard plywood is used here. Step-by-step plan Many laser cutting designs are shared by people on websites such as Thingiverse. Here are almost always the ...

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Laser engraving

Laser engraving of leather for protective covers for mobile phones, belts, shoes, leather clothing or textiles, for example, gives a special, natural look. Laser engraving of leather is normally done with a CO2 laser because this gives the most beautiful effects. If the CO2 laser has sufficient power, shapes can also be cut out immediately with the laser. So when ...

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Laser Engraving Of Phone Cases

Laser engraving of phone cases is possible with all MetaQuip's laser machines. Each pattern, logo, or black and white photo can be printed on the phone case or directly on the phone. The end result depends on the combination of the materials used and must be tested beforehand.
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