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Applications laser technology

Laser technology applications – laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding

High power laser machines allow you to perform various operations, in summary these are:

Laser cutting

Cutting sheet material in general. Precise, fast and clean. With the help of special machines it is also possible to laser cut 3D objects.

Laser engraving and marking

Laser engraving and marking of images, logos, type numbers, texts, barcodes, QR codes and so on.

laser welding

Connecting especially metal parts.

Applications laser technology – process organic materials with CO2 laser

CO2 laser machines are suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of especially organic materials due to the used wavelength of 10.6um. Materials to consider include:

  • Wood both natural wood and pressed wood
  • Leather including artificial leather
  • Cardboard, paper
  • foam rubber
  • Paint / anodizing layers
  • Plastic (including PMMA, Acrylic, Plexiglass)
  • silicone rubbers
  • Textile, fabric, fleece etc.
  • Natural stone and so on

In most cases it is possible to laser engrave as well as cut with the same machine. The machines are often optimized for a specific application, making them most suitable for (production) laser cutting and for engraving at a lower speed. Other solutions are for production laser engraving and in a number of cases can not even be cut.

Applications laser technology
Birch plywood cut with a CO2 laser machine
laser marking and laser engraving of metals

Laser engraving and laser marking of metals – fiber

Laser engraving of metal with fiber marking lasers is a clean, fast and flexible processing method for engraving metals. You can provide each object with unique texts, serial numbers, barcodes or logos. The engraving is placed within a few seconds. The engraving is permanent in the metal and does not dissolve with cleaning agents. Depending on the material, barcodes are easy to read with a mobile phone or professional scanner. For laser engraving, a fiber laser with a wavelength of 1060nm is used.

Laser cutting of metals – fiber

 Metal laser cutting has a large number of applications. Metal lasers are frequently used for educational purposes but also for various production purposes. Here you will find a number of examples of the use of laser technology. The number of applications of these machines is still growing every day. With these machines you can quickly realize prototypes, replace parts, but also realize high volume production. Please contact MetaQuip for further information.

Metal laser cutting

Examples and applications of laser technology

Scale model and model making with laser technique

Wood modeling laser cutting with CO2 laser machine

Laser-cut wooden clock

Silver laser cutting with a fiber engraving laser

Laser engraving on wood

Mirror laser engraving with fiber or CO2 laser

Laser cutting of textile and fabric

Aluminum photo frame laser engraving

Photo laser engraving on wood

Laser engraving keychain

Laser engraving business gifts

Laser engraving of anodised aluminum

Laser engraving of stainless steel nameplates

Laser engraving of aluminum nameplates

Cardboard boxes laser cutting

Laser cutting of cup holders in plywood

Laser engraving wooden box

Laser engraving of natural stone

Laser cutting of wood

Laser engraving

Laser engraving Van Hout

Custom Made Demonstration Suitcase

Laser Engraved Mirror With LEDs

Key ring with laser cutting and laser engraving

Glass Engraving With CO2 Laser