Barcodes and serial numbers laser engraving on Printed Circuit Board

With MetaQuip UV lasers, PCBs can be directly provided with serial numbers, barcodes, or EAN codes. These numbers are in the top layer and cannot be removed afterwards. The software can be used to create on numbering codes, so that every PCB can be traced perfectly. Here you can see that the contrast depends on the color of the PCB, but is almost always directly scannable with standard handheld scanners. These UV machines can also be fully integrated into the production line as shown in the video. No more manual sticking of stickers and no problem with peel-off stickers or tests that dissolve with chemical cleaning agents.

Examples of barcodes on PCB material

laser engraving pcb material
UV laser bar codes on pcb material

More information about MetaQuip UV lasers

Also interested in the possibilities of marking and engraving PCBs with lasers? Then look at the MetaQuip UV Laser machine or contact MetaQuip to see what we can do for you.

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