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Laser cutter for wood

With a laser cutter for wood, a CO2 laser machine means with sufficient laser power to burn through the wood. The thicker and more compact the wood you want to laser cut, the more laser power you need. The edges often look a bit dark / charred, but this can be reduced to a minimum with simple post-processing steps. You can also engrave with the same laser machine. The combination of both laser cutting of wood and laser engraving of wood offers many interesting possibilities.

Advantages of a laser cutter for wood

Precise and detailed cuts

A laser cutter for wood offers extremely precise and detailed cuts. The concentrated laser beam can cut through wooden materials with precision, creating clean and perfect contours. Whether cutting complex shapes, engraving fine details or creating personalized designs, a laser cutter ensures a professional result.

Versatility in design options

With a laser cutter for wood, the design possibilities are virtually endless. You can create intricate patterns, unique shapes and personalized details that are difficult to achieve with traditional cutting methods. This allows you to give free rein to your creativity and create unique wooden products that stand out.

Minimal material waste

A laser cutter uses a focused laser beam, which allows you to cut very accurately and minimize material waste. The ability to make precise cuts means you get the most out of your wood materials and produce less waste. This not only results in cost savings, but is also more environmentally friendly.

Efficiency and time saving

A laser cutter for wood ensures efficiency and time savings. The automated process allows fast and consistent cutting, increasing productivity. In addition, laser cutters can make multiple cuts simultaneously, allowing you to achieve more in less time. This is especially useful for companies and professionals who need to cut large volumes of wood.

No physical contact with the material

Unlike traditional cutting methods such as sawing or milling, a laser cutter for wood does not make physical contact with the material. This minimizes the risk of damaging the wooden surface and reduces the need for finishing. The result is a smooth and clean cutting surface without splinters or burrs.

Automation and precision repetition

Laser cutters for wood integrate with computer-controlled systems, allowing you to make accurate and repeatable cuts. This is especially beneficial when producing identical wooden parts or when undertaking large-scale projects. The ability to consistently repeat precise cuts ensures high-quality production and minimizes errors.

With these advantages, a laser cutter for wood offers unprecedented possibilities for precision, creativity and efficiency in the processing of wooden materials. It is a valuable tool for woodworkers, furniture makers, modellers and other professionals in the wood industry.

Laser power of a laser machine for wood

With a CO2 laser machine you have a perfect machine for cutting wood. From laser powers of 60 Watt you can cut through (thinner) wood. With more laser power you can in principle cut through thicker wood, but it is important to look carefully at what the end result will be. With thicker wood, the laser (even with higher power) needs more time to reach the bottom of the wood. This often causes soot formation or burning at the edges.

Laser cutter for wood
Laser cutting of wood
CO2 Laser cutter for wood
Laser cutter for wood in combination with laser engraving

Let your creativity run wild

Because the laser cutter cuts the wood with extremely high precision, these CO2 laser machines are perfectly suited for model building. Even the smallest details can be cut out razor-sharp time after time without any problems. Thanks to OVER THERE.

Laser cutting plywood and plywood wood

With a CO2 laser cutter for wood you can cut thin plywood (from 3-6mm) but, depending on the available laser power, also thicker wood. As a result, in addition to model building, you can also think of, for example, the realization of wooden furniture.

Model wooden truck laser cut in wood
Truck model making

Demonstration laser machine for wood cutting or engraving

To what extent soot formation is acceptable is usually an assessment that our customers make themselves. By carrying out some simple cutting tests on the customer's own wood, an estimate can be made quickly of what quality the customer needs for the specific application. Contact MetaQuip to see together which laser machine for wood is the best choice for you. The exact achievable thickness depends on the type of wood. Pressed wood generally requires more laser power than natural wood. Here are a number of practical examples to get an impression of what is possible.

Examples of possible results

  • You can effortlessly cut plywood up to 15mm with a 130W machine replica, but the edges will be dark.
  • With a 100W machine 4mm birch or poplar can be cut tight and almost soot-free without further finishing.
  • 4mm poplar can also be cut with a 40W machine, but then it has to be finished and sanded to get the soot.
  • 12 mm poplar plywood can be cut with 85% power at 130W with approximately 25mm / sec.

These kinds of considerations are the points that a customer should consider when purchasing. Of course, based on extensive experience, MetaQuip can help you make the right choice.

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your cutting or engraving application or application. Bring your digital design or material to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot. Of course you can also send it.

MDF wood laser cutting

At MetaQuip we regularly get the question whether MDF can also be cut well with a laser cutter. It is important to realize that MDF is not really a wood, but compressed bonded wood fibers. The waste gases and substances that are released during the burning of this adhesive are harmful. We therefore recommend that you always take sufficient time to open the laser valve after the cutting task has ended. This ensures that all vapors are well extracted. The air discharge is also important when cutting MDF. Extraction must take place directly to the outside and / or use must be made of a industrial air filter. MDF can be cut with a laser to large thicknesses. Consequence is often that there is a lot of soot build up at the edges.

Work surface of a laser cutter for wood

The working surface of a laser machine determines the size of the wood plate that you can process with the machine in one go. We normally use the rule that it is advisable to stay out of the edges until about 10%. MetaQuip has laser cutters for wood with different work surfaces: 40 x 40cm or 60 x 40, 60 x 40, 100 x 60 to 150 x 90cm. These are all machines that work with a valve, so that laser safety is guaranteed at all times. If you need a larger work surface (up to 150 x 300 cm) you can use an open bed CO2 laser, so-called portal lasers.

  • Place the wood to be cut on a wooden base plate or blocks so that no light is reflected when the laser hits the knife bed or honeycomb bed at the bottom.
  • Use good quality wood (especially with plywood) so that no local combustion occurs due to irregularities in the material (as often happens with the cheaper construction market variants).
  • Minimize soot build-up around the cut line by covering the surface with masking tape to prevent combustion gases from settling on the wood. After removing any soot on the side, remove the masking tape and you will have a smooth, naturally colored surface (this also works perfectly when engraving wood)
Cover wood with painting tape
Apply painter's tape over the entire surface
Laser cutter for wood - tips
Laser cutting and then remove the painter's tape

Standard CO2 laser machine for wood

MetaQuip has the CO2 LITE 2+ series and the CO2 production series that are perfect for laser cutting wood. The wood can also be engraved with these machines.

CO2 laser cutter LITE 2+

Laser cutting of wood and other organic materials
Laser powers up to 60W
Work bed up to 600 x 400mm

CO2 laser cutter production series

Laser cutting of wood and other organic materials
Laser powers up to 250W
Work bed up to 1500 x 900mm.

Thick wood laser cutting with portal laser

22mm spruce/pine wood

MetaQuip CO2 portal laser machines are perfectly suitable for laser cutting large pieces of leather, textile, plastic and wood up to 3000 x 1500 mm (larger on special request). We also have these portal lasers with extra high laser powers (up to 350 Watt). Here's a short demonstration of laser cutting 22mm wood. This demonstration shows what is possible on softer woods such as spruce and pine.

More information

More information about the different CO2 laser cutters and options.