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Laser cutting of wood

Laser cutting of wood is done with great precision with a CO2 laser cutter. See for more detail too Laser cutter for wood. Parts in the example below can be seamlessly clicked into each other. Standard plywood is used here.


Many designs for laser cutting are shared by people on websites such as Thingiverse. This also almost always contains the complete design files that can either be sent directly to the laser or can be adapted to your own wishes. Based on an existing design, the MetaQuip logo has been added here, the rest has been left unchanged. Then a sheet of plywood was placed under the MQ1590 130W laser. The advantage is that this laser has a working surface of 150 x 90, so we were able to immediately make wooden booklets for the whole family ;-) Load the design and start the laser process. This machine also has an automatic Z-height setting, making adjustment a piece of cake.

Result of laser cutting of wood

Used CO2 laser machine

In the example below is a production series CO2 laser cutter used with an output of 80W. Thin plywood has been used here, so with 60W this was probably not a problem, but at MetaQuip we want to limit our pipes to a maximum of 80% of their capacity. If you want to cut thicker (plywood), you should consider a machine with more laser power. If you want to process large plates at once, this is also possible with the CO2 portal lasers. See the complete CO2 laser portfolio…