Laser engraving of metal

Why engrave metal with a fiber laser?

Marking metals with a CO2 laser is very limited. The wavelength of the CO2 laser is not suitable for processing multiple types of metal. Despite the fact that anodised aluminum is possible with the CO2 laser, we advise people who are looking for a more universal solution to use a marking laser (also called fiber laser) for metals. Laser engraving of metal is easy with a marking laser and is also suitable for stainless steel, aluminum and more precious metals such as gold and silver.

What can be engraved?

The software supplied can easily use files from Adobe Illustrator, DXF, JPEG or other photo formats, but it is also possible to create text or figures with this package. Similar to the CO2 lasers you can choose to use various layers to combine deep and superficial engraving by setting different laser power and speed and thus achieving a greater effect in your marking result.

laser engraving nameplate
Laser engraving nameplate

How do fiber laser distinguish themselves?

Marking lasers have a small work surface that can be engraved, but for most applications where a unique code, barcode or logo should be placed, this is more than sufficient and its lasers are faster and more flexible than CO2 lasers. If you want to try what works best for your materials, please contact us, we can always experiment with us on location to determine the best solution.

More information

More information about the different laser engraving machines and possibilities. Go to the fiberlaser overview page…

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