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Laser machines for schools

Specialized in laser machines for schools

With laser machines you can cut and engrave materials easily, quickly and with great precision, allowing you to make the most diverse creations and applications in no time. Materials that are suitable for processing include wood, plastic, leather, cardboard, but also textiles and metals. The great thing about working with laser machines is that you can quickly convert new ideas into digital computer design and then into a tangible end product. Working with laser machines can also be learned quickly without much technical knowledge.

MetaQuip is a friend of PIE

Platform PIE (200 schools, 600 teachers) supports teachers of VMBO schools in the Production, Installation and Energy (PIE) profile. PIE knowledge, bring them into contact with each other and with companies, and represent their interests with the government and in the technology sector. MetaQuip is a friend of PIE to ensure that safe good quality laser machines are used in education.

Innovative Laser Solutions

Turnkey solution for schools

For schools, we at MetaQuip have developed a total package that is fully aimed at getting started quickly and thoroughly with laser technology. A package for and by teachers, including necessary teaching materials, instruction ('train the trainer') and a fully certified and safe laser machine. Together with the starter package made of selected plastic material, you can get started right away. 

MetaQuip, together with a number of schools, has developed a teaching package that you can use for your technique lesson. With this teaching package you can introduce your students step by step to the possibilities of laser processing. 

The total laser machines for schools solution consists of the following components:

CO2 laser machines

We supply a wide portfolio of high-quality CO2 laser machines. CO2 laser machines are suitable for processing organic materials and a number of plastics. Especially for schools, we usually reduce the choice to a limited number of models depending on what you want to do with the machine. Our machines are laser class 1: intrinsically safe during use at all times. 

Fiber laser machines

MetaQuip also supplies fiber laser machines for laser engraving and laser cutting of a large number of metals. These are laser class 3R machines but can also be used directly in education.

Training and instruction for teachers

We are happy to help you on how to work with the machine and what the possibilities are. We also teach you how to maintain the machine. It is also possible that we do the maintenance periodically so that you do not have to worry about it yourself.

Teaching package for students

A teaching package that we have developed together with a number of schools for use in other schools. It explains step by step how a laser machine works, how to design it and then how to work with the machine. From simple to increasingly extensive and complex.

Enrich your technique with the possibilities of digital design

Let your students experience a complete design cycle for themselves during the technique lesson consisting of: digital design on the computer, cutting or engraving of different materials with the laser machine and then you have the results immediately in your hands.

1. Digital design for lasers

Designing with the computer has become the standard in every industry and creative environment. Introduce students step by step with the design for laser cutting or laser engraving. Difficult? No, it is very easy to start with the examples in the curriculum. This way the students learn how it works and what is possible. With current computer skills, they will soon come up with their own designs, because it's just fun to design or draw something with the computer and make it physical.

2. Machine material on the laser machine

The digital design can then be cut or engraved directly on the laser machine. The beauty of a laser operation is that it immediately produces a professional result. Once but also fifty times with exactly the same result. Editing with the laser goes fast and is therefore also suitable for larger groups of students and delivers results within the lessons (in contrast to 3D printing that often takes a long time).

3. Direct result

The magical thing about digital design and realization with laser technology is that it makes the step from design to result very short and direct, so that the learning is maximized and improvement of the design - by simply trying again - is possible quickly and without problems. This fits well with the digital and result-oriented mindset of current students.

MetaQuip laser machines for schools

MetaQuip supplies high-quality CO2 laser machines at a competitive price. However, we do not want concessions on one thing: safety. Laser machines are machines with moving parts that use powerful laser sources and can therefore be potentially dangerous (burns and eye damage). Our machines are laser class 1 devices, which means they ALWAYS Be safe for teacher and student. As soon as the machine is opened, the laser source switches off immediately. This is done with so-called approved (and legally required) 'interlock' safety switches. Our safety has been tested by external laser safety experts. Our machines fully comply with all applicable CE machine guidelines and laser safety requirements (documentation is available on request).

See us portfolio of CO2 laser machines for schools with most schools going for the MQ1060 from the production series or the LITE2 +

More and more schools in secondary technical education are also installing a fiber laser machine to cut metals. See our fiber laser machines.

MQ1390C High-Power CO2 Combi metal wood plastic laser cutter 45 degrees

MetaQuip laser machines for schools

Air extraction

The gases and vapors released during working with the laser machine must always be disposed of properly so that there is no chance of breathing them. MetaQuip can advise you and also supply the air extraction or air filter systems with which you can be sure of a perfect discharge of all gases and vapors.

Also see our air filters

Air filters for extracting harmful fumes

Train the trainer for teachers

All our product and software documentation is written in both Dutch and English. During the installation we can provide training, but this can also be organized after consultation, so that you know exactly how to work with the machine. And if you do not get out of it, the MetaQuip is ready to get you back on the road quickly.

Lesson package with extensive course for students

Together with a VMBO school we developed a curriculum that explains step by step how to work from digital design to realization. This starts easily and builds up slowly in terms of complexity. The goal is to make the student independent so that they can ultimately independently develop their own designs. If you have ideas or specific questions, we can always help you to further expand the curriculum to your wishes.

Lamp-Laser Cutter-wood-side

Starter package plastic sheet material

MetaQuip supplies a starter package of plastic sheet material especially for schools. This allows you to get started right away. You can easily order additional plastic sheet material via plasticplaten.com. If you want to use wood, you can, for example, use plywood from the hardware store.

Plexiglass plastic sheet material
CO2 laser cutter schools - delivery

Installation, service and support

MetaQuip fully checks every machine before it is delivered. Normally we deliver the machine on location and also install it, almost always in combination with basic training. You can also count on our service and support after delivery. We use a number of different models and service level agreements for this.
Learn more about service and support.


MetaQuip ensures that you get a complete solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into your technical education. Became curious? Come and see without obligation to see with yourself the educational possibilities of laser technology and the possibilities of our machines. Call us at 040-8080193 or email us info@metaquip.nl. Hopefully until soon.