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Laser marking of aluminum

Fast marking of type numbers, logos or barcodes on aluminum

With a fiber laser you can easily put a text, type number, logo, barcode, QR code or any other image. This works for both smooth and brushed aluminum, but you get even more contrast when you engrave with a fiber laser anodized (black, red, blue) aluminum laser. Then the marking becomes blank / shiny again and the anodizing layer remains completely in place with a very high resolution.

Laser marking aluminum nameplate
Serial numbers QR codes on stainless steel, aluminum

Curious whether laser technology is suitable for your application? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your cutting or engraving application or application. Bring your digital design or material to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot. Of course you can also send it.

Aluminum Laser Marking Applications

Laser marking of aluminum is often used in industry to better trace parts during production and to make service easier afterwards. Laser markings are permanently embedded in the material and are still visible after years of use.

How does this work?

Here is an example of laser marking aluminum, using an open-bed fiber laser. Such machines have the advantage that the object to be engraved can be placed and removed properly and quickly, but safety requirements with regard to laser safety must be met, which is why it is often chosen to work with closed fiber laser systems.

More information

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Laser marking aluminum in practice