Maintenance & Support

In addition to supplying high-quality laser machines, we distinguish ourselves through our service in terms of maintenance and support. We help you quickly if you have questions, something is not going well or if you need extra support.


We provide a 2-year warranty on our laser machines (except the MQ4040 CO2 LITE). Even after this period, MetaQuip always finds a suitable solution together with you.

Spare parts in stock

METAQUIP has a large number of spare parts in stock as standard. If something goes wrong, parts can be replaced quickly. With the CO2 or fiber accessories you will find the more common parts, but we also stock most of the machine parts as standard.


MetaQuip Support Site

The support site provides access to manuals, laser software, frequently asked questions, videos and you can immediately exchange experiences with other customers and ask your technical support questions. Log in with the email address and password that you received when you purchased your machine.

Login: MetaQuip support site
(only for existing MetaQuip customers)


Service contract

METAQUIP offers you the possibility to conclude a service contract for your laser machine (s). METAQUIP provides direct support by telephone and / or email. You are expertly assisted by our staff so that you do not have to carry out any risky operations yourself. If with direct support the problem can not be solved, a technician will visit you within the time agreed in the service contract.

  • Support by email and telephone
  • Response time within 12 hours (on working days from 9-18 hours)
  • 1x a year control preventive maintenance
  • 10% discount on the parts
  • On-site support: within 72 hours (on working days from 9 am to 6 pm))

Service costs do not include hours. Hours are charged on the basis of subsequent calculation.

€ 450 EURO per year

Preventive maintenance

A METAQUIP service contract can be extended with an additional preventive maintenance and management module on the delivered machine (s). Regular checking of
the delivered solutions can cause problems and any downtime of machines
Reduce. MetaQuip checks all critical points for a possible interval with a regular interval
to detect problems early. You will receive a report with possibly
advice to keep the delivered machines in top condition.

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