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Laser machine demonstration & advice

Laser machine demonstration

We have the most common types of machines for laser machine demonstrations. We believe that you get the best idea of the possibilities of laser technology and the machines when you can see them in action.

We always recommend that you bring the materials, designs that you want to cut or engrave with you or send them in advance so that you get a good impression whether the results correspond to your wishes.

CO2 Laser cutter for wood Laser machine demonstration & advice

Buy laser machine?

MetaQuip has a wide portfolio of laser machines from small and affordable to industrial laser solutions for production companies. Based on your wishes, we will look together during the laser machine demonstration to see what is the best solution and machine for you. Roughly speaking, our portfolio can be divided into the following categories:

  • Standard CO2 laser machines – cutting and engraving, in particular, of organic materials and acrylic.
  • Fiber engraving laser machines – laser engraving and marking of metals in particular
  • Fiber metal laser cutters – mainly industrial manufacturing solutions for metal laser cutting
  • Special laser machines – laser machines for specific applications.
  • Custom build solutions – custom machine development projects based on your specifications.

Take a look at our decision aid to get a first impression, but we always recommend that you always come and see for yourself when buying a laser machine.

Sending digital files or materials

If you are short on time, you can always first send your digital design and the material or object you want to cut or engrave. We will then select the best settings free of charge and send you the results.

Figuring out this often requires a little more laser knowledge, which our experts are happy to help with. In a number of steps we find the best process settings for your material or object, so that you get a good idea of the power of laser technology.

You can preferably supply digital files in vector format such as DXF or Adobe Illustrator AI format.

MetaQuip machine control

All our laser machines are completely checked in Maarheeze on the basis of extensive checklists. Cutting and engraving tests are also performed, so that we can guarantee the quality of the machines that we deliver. We make adjustments, innovations and custom build machine realization entirely in-house with the MetaQuip engineering team and our partners.

Laser machine advice

A laser machine is a technical product. That is why we are happy to look at the options together with you and our technical engineers. In a number of cases it is not immediately clear which machine you need for your specific application. Our technical experts are ready to work with you to find the best technical solution that suits your needs and requirements. Tailor-made laser machine advice.

Demonstration laser machines at MetaQuip
MetaQuip production hall

MetaQuip is keen on safety

Laser machines use high laser powers for cutting or engraving. In a number of machines visible laser light is used, in a number of cases invisible laser light. In any case, it is always very careful, because this kind of laser light on skin or in the eyes can be very harmful. We take laser safety seriously and have ensured that our machines comply with CE machine guidelines.

Custom build laser machines

There are a number of applications where standard machines do not suffice. You want laser cutting, laser engraving, marking or laser welding and you cannot find the right machine or existing machines need to be adapted. In that case, too, we can help you.