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Fiber laser repair service

Fast and professional repair of your fiber laser system

MetaQuip offers an extensive fiber laser repair service in collaboration with Goldenlaser. 

If your fiber laser machine has problems or needs maintenance, you can rely on our expert technicians to repair your machine quickly and efficiently. We have the necessary experience and expertise to solve a wide range of problems and ensure that your machine is operational again quickly. We use genuine parts to ensure the quality and performance of your fiber laser. With our repair service you can minimize downtime and ensure that your production process continues to run smoothly. 

In the clean space at MetaQuip we can quickly carry out the most common repairs on site, such as repair of the laser source, repair or replacement of the glass fiber and repair of the laser head.

We repair fiber lasers up to 6kW from the brands IPG, Raycus or Max Photonics.

In short, MetaQuip and Goldenlaser are ready to support you in maintaining and repairing your fiber laser equipment.

Repair service of high power fiber lasers for metal cutting
Raycus high power fiber laser source

Repair and maintenance of fiber laser sources

A fiber laser source repair service is vital for companies that rely on this advanced technology to perform precise and powerful laser cutting processes. The most common technical problems that can arise with fiber laser sources often include optical problems, such as dirty lenses or mirrors, which reduce the efficiency of the laser system. 

In addition, power supply problems, such as failing power supplies or malfunctions in the electronic components, can affect the performance of the laser source. 

Also, thermal management is a crucial factor, as overheating can lead to laser quality degradation and component failure. We have qualified technicians with in-depth knowledge of these problems and use advanced diagnostic equipment to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Our professional repair service for fiber laser sources guarantees companies minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for their laser processes.

Repair and maintenance fiber optic cable

Repair and maintenance of fiber optic cables are essential to keep your laser machine running reliably and efficiently and provide the essential link between the laser source built into the machine and the moving laser head. 

Our specialist service covers a wide range of technical skills to ensure your fiber optic is performing optimally.

One of our most important services is splicing fiber optic cables. When fibers become damaged or break, we can carefully connect them to ensure maximum power transfer. Precise cutting of fiber optic cables is also crucial to remove any damage. In addition, we offer polishing and cleaning services to optimize optical performance and minimize power loss.

For more extensive repairs, we also offer fiber optic cable welding services. This may be necessary in cases of serious cable breaks. If this is no longer possible, we will replace the entire fiber. 

In short, our dedicated highly qualified technical team is ready to repair your fiber optic cable, with the aim of ensuring trouble-free operation of your laser machine and keeping downtime to a minimum. You can count on us for professional and high-quality repair and maintenance services for your fiber optic cables.

Repair fiber optic of fiber laser cutter. Fiber laser repair service.
Repair fiber laser head. Fiber laser repair service.

Repair and maintenance fiber cutting head

MetaQuip's fiber cutting head repair service is the trusted choice for companies that rely on advanced laser cutting technology. Our dedicated technicians have deep expertise in fiber cutting heads and are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment to resolve problems quickly and effectively. Whether it concerns replacing wearing parts, calibrating the focus lens or solving electronic malfunctions, we ensure that your cutting heads remain in optimal condition. By using genuine parts and rigorous quality controls, we guarantee durable and reliable repairs, ensuring your laser cutting system maintains maximum performance and accuracy. Choose MetaQuip to protect your investment in fiber cutting heads and ensure the continuity of your production processes.

MetaQuip's fiber laser repair service

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