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Installation CO2 laser machine

Placement of CO2 laser machine

Check whether the machine fits the door (s) in terms of size! Most machines are fairly large and heavy and therefore not convenient to move except on the wheels under the machine. Ensure sufficient workspace around the machine.

Electrical connection CO2 laser machine

These CO2 laser machines can be connected to a normal 230VAC socket (1 phase). Plug in and ready. The large machines use a fair amount of power, so they prefer to put them on a separate group to prevent overloading of groups.

Extraction - industrial extractor or air filter

Laser processing is a combustion process, always releasing gas, odor and dust. The extent to which depends on the type of material and the type of processing. All our machines are supplied with an industrial air extractor (with the Lite a lighter type of extractor is used).

Industrial air extraction

This extractor sucks the laser air from the laser chamber and blows it out through a flexible hose on the other side. This flexible hose can be temporarily hung out of the window or door, but a more permanent method is recommended. Think of a drain on the roof or through a wall (similar to an extractor hood). The diameter of the flexible hose is 100mm for the production series and 150mm for the LITE laser machines.

Installation of a CO2 laser

Industrial air filter

If you live in a crowded area or if there is no possibility to connect a drain to the outside then it is advisable to purchase an industrial air filter. These machines extract gas, odor and dust from the laser discharge gases so that the air can be blown clean outside or in the same room. An industrial air filter replaces the air extractor. An industrial air filter is generally a bit quieter than an extractor. It is important to regularly check the filters and replace them at regular intervals.
See also the MetaQuip range of industrial air filters.