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Laser jobbing services – laser cutting & laser engraving

Spend your laser cutting or engraving work

MetaQuip also offers laser jobbing services. The customer provides the digital design and in some cases also the material. MetaQuip then carries out the job.
From small series to medium series are no problem. We distinguish ourselves through flexibility, short delivery times and the quality we deliver. If necessary, we can also help you with graphic or mechanical design.

Cost structure laser jobbing services

MetaQuip uses a simple cost structure for laser jobbing services based on 3 components:

  1. Preparation time
  2. Laser time per object
  3. Shipping and shipping

You can keep the preparation time short by supplying files with the correct format with clear cutting lines or engraving surfaces. After the first few times, the conversion usually takes almost no time.

laser cutting wooden hearts

Possibilities with laser technology

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is flexible, accurate and hardly leads to stress in the material. Cutting out of almost any shape is possible. Laser cutting is perfect for machining materials such as:

  • Plastic plate & foil
  • Leather, textiles and fabrics
  • Wood, paper, cardboard
  • Foam (rubber)

Laser engraving

With laser engraving you can permanently put a photo, logo or image on a large number of materials. This often has a natural appearance.

  • Wood, cork, leather, fabric, fleece
  • Plastic, rubber
  • (Natural) stone
  • Glass, mirrors, glasses

Laser engraving of metals

Laser engraving of (precious) metals such as gold and silver, titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.
Among other things for business gifts, type numbers or barcode on both flat and curved or round surfaces.

Laser cutting of metals

Laser cutting of (precious) metals such as gold and silver, titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.

Request a quote for laser jobbing services immediately

Request a quote without obligation for MetaQuip laser jobbing services in the field of laser cutting or laser engraving.

Contact us directly!

A number of our laser machine customers have indicated that they are open to offer their services. You can contact them directly yourself.

Coolhout / App Meesters / TES Holding

CO2 laser cutting and laser engraving

Contact: Louis van de Wiele
E-mail: louis@tesholding.nl

Studio Archipelago

CO2 laser cutting and laser engraving size: 300 x 500 mm (desktop 60W)

 I design trophies, medals, pendants, puzzles, logos, gadgets or free figures/decoration for artists, among others. Also engraving drawings on plate for various purposes. Sometimes also in combination with 3D printing. Material is often acrylic, paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, the lightest furniture board (wooden wood). No MDF.

Contact: Louisette van Donkelaar
E-mail: studioarchipel@hotmail.com