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laser machine training

Basic laser machine training on delivery

MetaQuip gives you basic laser machine training with every machine we supply, so that you can then perform simple laser cutting and laser engraving operations yourself.

In-depth laser machine training

In most cases, however, it is advisable to follow more extensive training. In this training we go deeper into how to use the laser software, so that you can also perform more difficult tasks yourself, learn to maintain and clean your machine. This training can be organized at MetaQuip or at your location. Inquire about the possibilities.

Installation of your laser machine

In addition to delivery, MetaQuip can also do the installation of your laser machine, so that you can be sure that everything is properly connected and the machine is also properly aligned so that you have perfect cutting and engraving results. In most cases we combine the installation with the machine training.

Teaching package for schools

MetaQuip offers schools an extensive teaching package so that you can quickly get started with the laser machine. The curriculum builds up step by step in difficulty and introduces your pupils or students to the possibilities of digital design and direct realization. A major advantage of laser operations compared to, for example, 3D printing is that most laser operations are completed within a few minutes. So immediately visible result.

laser machine training