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Smart remote support – laser machines

Smart remote support – laser machines: fast and effective

Normally MetaQuip provides support to your machine on location. We will of course continue to do that. In a number of cases, however, it turns out not to be necessary: the problem was solved very quickly and easily. In that case, you mainly pay for the travel costs. In addition, service calls must be scheduled, so it can take a while before you can continue working. That is why MetaQuip has recently started offering Smart remote support – laser machines – in addition to and sometimes replacing our service on location.

Remote analysis. Using the latest technological possibilities technologische

MetaQuip Smart remote support – laser machines use the latest technical options to provide the best possible remote support. In many cases we can solve the problem remotely together with you and if that is not possible we usually know much more precisely what the problem is before we come, so that we always have the right parts with us and we can better prepare the service visit.

Smart remote support - laser machines
Smart remote support – laser machines

How does Smart remote support work?

By means of the Smart support app (iPhone and Android) we can provide step-by-step service to your machine remotely and together. Collaborate in real time with MetaQuip's remote experts:

  • Share video and audio
  • Take screen recordings
  • And most importantly: mixed-reality annotations.

What are mixed reality annotations?

Mixed reality annotations are a form of augmented reality. This makes it possible for you or our service engineers to easily designate buttons or machine parts. Even if you move your phone, these pointers (annotations) will stay pointed at exactly the right part. As a result, it becomes clear more quickly and with less confusion what both parties mean, making the remote assistance faster and smoother.

Easier collaboration

The combination of sound, image and spatial annotations make collaboration easier. Communication becomes more accurate when everyone involved can interactively annotate real-time physical views. In addition, supporting documents and information can easily be shared during the conversation.

Annotating problem areas
remote service

How does remote support work – laser machines?

You will receive an email in preparation for the call. The email states:

  • Download link for the Support App on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android)
  • Support call link to initiate the call.

We schedule the Smart remote support call and then you walk through your problem step by step together with our service engineer. In a number of cases we can resolve matters immediately on the spot. In other cases, it enables MetaQuip to make a more accurate analysis than just via email or telephone: so that any physical service call can be performed faster and better.