Laser engraving of Marble / Bluestone

Engraving natural stone with a CO2 laser

Last week we have demonstrated engraving and cutting of wood and leather, this week we have chosen to work something swords; Marble / blue stone. Laser engraving of marble / blue stone is possible and gives a nice result. These natural materials are often encountered as tiles and as a decoration element. Although lasers can not cut these types of materials, they can be used for engraving, to give it a personal note.

Standard blue stone tile of 50 x 50 cm

We used a blue tile of 50 × 50 cm, often used for tiling driveways, paths and terraces, and have the name and house number engraved in the tile. It requires a stronger laser, at least 80 / 100W, to be able to engrave with sufficient speed and depth.

The result

The deep contrast of the polished stone and the engraved surface ensures a clear and beautiful finish. For larger products, Metaquip has a special machine in the portfolio that can be placed directly on top of the granite, to prevent the heavy stone from supporting the machine. If you would like more information about this, please feel free to contact us.

Laser engraving-of-natural stone closeup 
Laser engraving-of-natural stone 
Laser engraving-of-natural stone-front door

More information

More information about the different laser engraving machines and possibilities. Go to the laser engraving machines overview page ...

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