Laser cutting of acrylate

Laser cutting Plexiglas
CO2 laser cutter for laser cutting of acrylate / PMMA / Plexiglas plastic

With a CO2 laser cutter perfect acrylic / PMMA (such as plexiglass) can be cut. The edges are highly glossy after cutting (as after flame polishing) and do not have to be finished. Objects that can be cut are larger objects, but also very small objects with a lot of detailing. The latter are generally carried out at a somewhat lower speed.

Laser power required

In principle you can cut thin acrylic sheet 3-4 mm with a 40W machine, but for laser cutting we recommend working with a 60W laser and for many applications even a (much) heavier laser power. This depends entirely on the application. In addition to laser cutting of acrylic plastic, it is also possible to laser engrave these materials. The material is then locally roughened, resulting in a matt surface.

Example of laser cutting of acrylate plastic

Various creative websites can be found on the internet with all kinds of examples and some even share the drawings. Sniffing on this website I came across a wooden phone holder, simple and flat. Why not run it once in acrylic? I downloaded the DXF file and modified it in the Lasercut program. Wood will allow more bending and break less quickly, therefore a few extra rules of structure are applied in the bending parts. This will reduce the stress. The laser cutting of acrylic is very good to do, matter of determining the right settings for the material you use. There are still small differences between suppliers for the same thickness.


The result can be seen in the photos.

lasercut acrylate

laser cutting-of-acrylate

More information

More information about the different CO2 laser cutters and possibilities. Go to the laser cutter overview page ...

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