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Case-Laser Engraving-Leather-Close-Up2Introduction

Laser cutting and engraving of plastics, such as PMMA (Acrilate) is known, but there are so many other materials that can be processed well with laser cutting. To demonstrate what the possibilities are, we test and show some products based on other materials, this week laser engraving and laser cutting of leather & wood.

Laser cutting of wood

Laser Cutter-wood-insideMany examples of wood can be found on the internet. As an example we downloaded a DXF file from a notebook holder and adjusted it after your own taste. In the laser cutting software it is easy to combine previous designs, in this case the logo of Metaquip to add on the front and the name on the block holder. The 3mm thick multiplex wood, available at every do-it-yourself shop, gives a nice, good cut. The edges stay deep black through the cutting process which gives a nice contrast with the warm color of the wood. The disadvantage of cutting is that this type of wood leaves remnants of the adhesive on the cutting bed, which does require regular polishing of the bed.

Laser cutting of leather

As an example for the laser cutting of leather, we opted for a phone case. Standard purchased from the internet, it is more fun to give them a personal look. By using a low power, the surface is just burned, creating a nice contrast, as can be seen with the black cover. By using more power you can completely remove the top layer and you get a nice difference in structure. Making your phone case personal makes it even more fun to use it too.

More information

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