Laser cutting of perspex - plexiglass

Laser cutting of perspex - plexiglass

Laser cutting of Plexiglas plastic

For laser cutting of perspex - plexiglass a CO2 laser machine is very suitable. With a CO2 laser cutter you can cut perfectly Plexiglas plastic sheet. This acrylate is applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications and does not discolor. Plexiglas is available in a large number of colors and thicknesses (to order Plexiglas see: is not only transparent, as is often the case with the construction market, but in all sorts of colors and thicknesses. With a 60W laser cutting up to 8mm is already possible, laser cutting of thicker plastic requires more laser power. The working surface of your CO2 laser machine determines the maximum size of the Plexiglas plastic sheet that you can place in one go. For example, a plate of up to 100 cm x 60 cm fits in a MQ1060.

Example in transparent Plexiglas

Last week for a customer a phone holder cut in Plexiglas. Laser cutting of perspex - plexiglass is quick and easy for any thickness up to 10mm, thicker but also you need more power, like in our professional product range. Nice to this holder is that it is completely cut out of a part without further glueing.

Laser cutting of perspex - plexiglass laser cutting-perspex-plexiglass-phone-holder-top laser cutting-perspex-plexiglass-phone-holder-side

lasercut-perspex-plexiglass-phone-holder lasercut-perspex-plexiglass-phone closeup

More information

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