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Materials suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving

With our machines a large number of materials can laser cutting and laser engraving. Here is a brief list of materials suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving. Materials that are popular for cutting and engraving with the laser include: acrylic, wood, paper, metal, plastic, glass, leather and stone. For all questions about other materials you can always contact us.

Below you can find more information about laser cutting and laser engraving of the different materials. We also show which specific material types are suitable for laser engraving or laser cutting (for example wood, metal and plastic types).

Acrylic & Plexiglass

Laser cutting or engraving of acrylic glass, such as Plexiglas®. A fast, contactless and tool-free process in which crystal-clear edges are produced.


Production of embossing stamps with MetaQuip laser engraving machines. Accurate laser engraving from Delrin.

Film & Foil

Laser cutting of foil, film and membrane keyboards. Contactless cutting without any mechanical load.


Engraving glass, crystal, bottles or spheres with MetaQuip laser engraving machines.


Accurate laser cutting and engraving of lumber, plywood, MDF, balsa wood etc.


Laser engraving and cutting of plastic. Laser cutting and engraving include PP, PET, PC, PMMA, PS, PES, PA.

Laminate flooring

Laser engraving of laminates for signs and labels: nameplates, type plates or business signs.


Purses, bags, bracelets, belts, shoes etc. are refined and personalized with laser engraving.


Laser marking and engraving of metals like steel, aluminum, silver etc.


Accurate laser cutting of paper, cover and cardboard.


Engrave stamp rubber for stamp production. Engrave texts, logos and even photos on rubber.

Foam & Filters

Foam materials made of PES, PE, or PUR or Neopren® are very suitable for laser cutting.


Laser engraving of detailed photos or images on granite, marble, slate or pebbles.


Laser cutting of textiles and fabrics made of cotton, silk and felt.