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MetaQuip launches webshop for plastic sheet material

PlasticPlaten.com webshop for plastic sheet material

To meet the increasing demand for plastic sheet material, MetaQuip has the webshop PlasticPlaten.com launched. PlasticPlaten.com is a webshop for plastic sheet material and supplies plastic sheets suitable for working with, among others, CO2 lasers and CNC milling machines. These plastic sheets are directly suitable for working with CO2 lasers and are supplied with the correct settings and dimensions for your laser.

The standard range currently consists of a large range of Plexiglas with different thickness, light transmittance and color. We also supply 8mm Acrysign which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Applications are legion but Acrysign is now widely used for advertising boards. The plastic Plexiglas sheets that PlasticPaten supplies are of the GS type, the cast version, perfectly suited for laser and CNC machining.

If you miss material please let us know and we will add it to the existing offer. Other questions are of course always welcome. If you do not have a laser or CNC machine yourself, we can also do cutting or engraving for you on one of our machines. In addition, we provide a number of tricks and tips that are useful when you want to further process plastic sheet material. We love to hear from you.

For more information go to PlasticPlaten.com

webshop for plastic sheet material and plates - PlasticPlaten.com

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